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  • Top 10

    3 Dec 2009, 04:49 by LickleShrew

    Questions about my top ten on last.fm

    1.Velvet Revolver
    *Is this your favourite band?
    One of my favourites :)

    *What got you into them?
    I've always been a huge fan of Duff Mckagan & Scott Weiland so when I heard they were in a band together I had to hear what the band sounded like

    *Why have you listend to them so much?
    Why wouldn't I? They're awesome :)

    *Favourite songs?
    Don't have just one fav cause I love them all but Fall to Pieces & For A Brother are definatly the 2 I listen to the most :)

    *Something you think you'd enjoy doing with this band?
    Uhm, let's not go there :p

    *Favourite memory of this artist
    Seeing them live. They put on such a good show :)

    *What got you into them?
    Uhm...I have no idea :s

    *What makes you like them so much?
    'Cause they're awesome! Plus I think they're really different from everything else :)

    *Favourite song?
    Stinkfist I love that song :)

    *Favourite memory of this artist?