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    3 Jan 2008, 04:08 by forkimified

    I saw that had a group for (, so I wondered how many of the bands listed on that website also had pages on here. So, I went through the list on punkottawa, and added artist tags in place of band site links. Some might not have profiles, and won't have links because of that.

    If you're reading this because it showed up under your band's profile, please leave a comment and tell people how they can get a hold of your music!

    **People, you might notice that info on a lot of these bands is practically nonexistant, so please contribute to filling out their profiles if you can!!**

    ...And if you visit their profiles, be a dear and add the 'ottawa' and 'punkottawa' tags! Along with any other tags that reflect their music. More tags, more plays on tag radio, and more people find out about them and what Ottawa has to offer, musically.

    Some might have the same name as other bands. But here it goes anyways, the list from