• Cover Songs Databases + my Covers tag

    17 May 2006, 17:08 by moonlitkitty

    Are there any good ones out there other than The Covers Project and Second Hand Songs? Both are quite good, but hardly comprehensive. The biggest drawback for both is the submissions process. Covers Project's being non-existent now, and Second Hand Songs requiring you to post a list in the forum for the sitemaster to approve and add (eventually).

    There's just no way I could be bothered searching the forum to check if what I want to suggest is pending, writing out a list, finding references etc. I'd like to enter songs as I think of them on a form. Covers Project at least used to have this, but also relied on approval by the site owner(s).

    Is there a covers database operating as a wiki? If not, can some smart person create this please? Also a discography wiki site would be most welcome.

    Now for the music: here's my covers tag. There are lots of weird and wonderful things in there:

    April March and her Chick Habit/Paris In April albums where she covers Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, France Gall, Gillian Hills, Dani etc. …