• Moneen/Sparta with Attack in Black

    28 Mar 2007, 07:41 by marth99

    Mon 26 Mar – Moneen, Sparta, Attack In Black

    I got to the venue half an hour before the doors were suppose to open. I of courses was at the front of the line again because everyone lines up at the main doors. I got into the venue pretty early the merch guy told me to wait a couple of minutes while he set up. I picked up the New Moneen cd/dvd set. Kenny was sitting near the merch with Harris talking about the show. They said the show was sold out. I asked Kenny to sing my cd and he wrote the message "There is A lot of good in life...we just need to find it!" and then his signature. I though this was cool as he totally did not have to write a message at all. Well that cd will go along with my collection as will the Attack In Black shirt I got. They were up first.

    So a little advice to star off. Listen to some tracks from the opening band for concerts as recently I have liked the opening bands a lot for my concerts and if you like the opening band the rest of the concert just seems a whole lot better. …