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MONDOCANE - "Project 1" Metalmaster LP/MC 1990
|| what the fans say ||

Wow!!! Here we have "Project One" by MONDOCANE! This band is formed by members of the two most representative bands in Italy of that period. Talking about extreme metal bands, of course: NECRODEATH and SCHIZO. These two bands very famous in the underground and not only, decided to join their music for another project, that remained unfortunately just a single episode. Maybe, being just one project this is considered most of a "cult" and surely it’s more spontaneous and sincere. So we are in 1989 and both these bands have released their first albums, "Into The Macabre" (1987) for Necrodeath and "Main Frame Collapse" (1988) for Schizo. This MONDOCANE release sees almost all the members of the bands involved in many songs of the album, that is still regarded as a "cause to go crazy" in this genre, especially in Italy.
From the point of view of the music played here, it can be considered as a schizophrenic mix of hardcore, thrash metal and grindcore. With the terms grincore and hardcore I mean the old ones, those of the '80s, so well done by early Napalm Death and D.R.I, just to have a rough idea. And together with this, massive thrash metal influences, along with death metal riffs with a great impact. Just from what I said you should understand the great deal of innovation operated by this band. Yet Necrodeath and Schizo were innovators, the first ones for their great thrash/black and the second ones for their violent thrash mixed with proto-grind influences.

Ok, after having provided you with some information about the groups involved here and this project, let’s talk about the album itself that starts with the song I like the most, "Necroschizophrenia" that in a single word contains almost the two names of the bands. It begins with a great thrash metal riff and a pounding fast drum part. The guitar riffs are very fast, reaching the top in the central part where we have the first blast beats. The screams are more or less like in the German thrash but more powerful, with a punk influence. The second song is called "Violence Abuse?" and from the title you should understand everything: hyperblasting drums and tons of violence.

There is a big ironical component in their music and titles like "Mad Carlo F. 8 Cars You Wrecked" and "The Inevitable Free-Jazz Bloodbath" are an example of that. They take inspiration from all the hardcore scene in the U.S.A. Anyway they were a bunch of guys that wanted to have fun, all together, like friends. Their way of mixing all those genres is fantastic, like in "Mario Please, Don't Cry'… fast parts, heavy mid-paced thrash metal riffs and fast solos. Usually the songs start quite slow, growing in intensity 'till reaching the top in the central part.
"Kill The Foetus" is one of the fastest song and you can understand what would have been happened in the '90s (Dying Fetus who??) Yes, because, Mondocane are not that technical, but their way of doing this genre would have been famous almost 10 years after by non-Italian bands.

Among all these crazy songs, there is also an Exploited cover "Fuck the U.S.L." , here to hail their hardcore punk influences… and I have to admit that this cover is fantastic! "Couldn't Take Anymore Shit" is characterized by great stop 'n' go during the song, balancing fast and slow parts very well. The same thing can be said for "All Tomorrows Are Yesterdays", filled with strange gloomy solos and mid paced riffs broken only by a great fast death riff for the refrain.

This is a piece of underground, of history, especially in Italy. Unfortunately it is a bit forgotten, because no label decided to re-master or reprint it again. This album is very hard to find, but it is extremely good… Made of sweat, passion and true fucking sincere music. Get it, if you can find it!!!

100% for the historical importance and sincerity. 90% for the music. Plus something…

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