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MOKER stands for powerful, fast, rhythmic and brutal Death Metal with an important Deathcore-attitude and an overwhelming touch of Mosh-heaviness, like a fuckin‘ sledge hammer! The Band was formed in 2003 when two members (Wouter Sels & Angelo Mannestätter) of the metalcore outfit LINCHPIN wanted to explore more brutal deathmetal influences in their music. Vocalist Ad De Wachter jointed MOKER during the summer of 2003, who did some backing vocals in different bands, so their brutality could be added with some vocal sickness. Stijn De Wever played bass but after a while he left the band because of personal reasons. A bass player was still needed, the solution was in fact at hand’s reach. Wouter brought in his old friend Fréderic Wauters, who was one of the two vocalists of the metalcoreband LINCHPIN and he was perfect for the job. The band was completed and it could now seriously move forward. MOKER started playing shows allover the country and beyond the boundaries, building up a solid live reputation (right in your face). Songwriting was going well, and in February 2005 MOKER decided to record a first split CD with fellow Belgians OUTCAST. The split CD which came out on Shiver Records, contained three songs in which we have made vast improvements in our approach to modern brutal Death Metal. The split CD was recorded and mixed at Studio 13 and mastered at CCR Studio. More shows followed in support of the album (see show archives). After a while MOKER wanted a second guitarist and Dirk Broeren (MORDRED, AEONS OF OLD) got the spot.

Only one year after the split CD, MOKER were determined to record their first full-length album, titled “Translating The Pain“. It also came out on Shiver Records in April 2007. The album, recorded, mixed and mastered at CCR studio (Aborted, Leng tch'e, In-Quest, Crimson Falls, Liar…), takes you through hard punching gore-drenched grinding death metal, heavy chugs and gravity blasts, creating a sickeningly sweet blood spattered spectrum.
“Translating The Pain” is a full-length with a very professional sound and talented music. For starters; the artwork has been done by the one and only Svencho (Aborted - Avernus Studios), the record is extremely well-produced and MOKER knows how to make a well-considered mix of brutal death metal, melody and solid metalcore-hooks. “Translating The Pain” will please fans of brutal death and furious beatdown with an excellent sound (Dying Fetus, Skinless, Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Despised Icon, All Shall Perish, …).

Straight from the beginning from the beginning until the bitter end of the CD, the music is loud, smashing, crashing and pounding! Every single track on the CD is filled with breaks, interludes, effects…You name it. Once the intro stomps and chugs its way to fruition, you get to what MOKER is all about!
Manic Existence takes off like a dragster on heat, and drummer Wouter displays his machine like precision and primal ferocity. Speed freaks can fine-tune their mosh expertise on lovely songs like “Manic Existence” and “Another Lost Soul“, those who prefer their Death Metal slow but merciless like a rattling tank will find in “My World Decays” a perfect instrument of torture and if you get a kick out of solo’s you should really check “Last Note“. This song works really well in closing out the album memorably with its strange acoustic injections, catchy melodic riffing and crushingly heavy grooves. This variety makes listening to “Translating The Pain” an interesting and adventurous trip Also worth mentioning is that in the song “False Reality”, assistance comes from members of In-Quest (Miqe) and Suhrim (Jolle). The subtle melody and quick staccato riffing of "False Reality" and "Stuck In A Pattern" are great examples of the intensity MOKER bring to the table. The guitar lines and rhythm section are both technical, solid and to the point, while the vocals combine grunts (Death Metal) and guttural screams (Deathcore). Besides, the sound quality is sublime which would really lift this album up high above the grey masses.

The release of “Translating The Pain” has already resulted in:
- Headlining several big gigs and festivals.
- “CD OF THE WEEK” on the side : http://www.metalreview.com (biggest metal review-site in the United States)
- “AN EXCLUSIF INTERVIEW” in ROCKTRIBUNE (biggest metal music magazine in the Belgium) & GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN
- “Translating The Pain” got praised by an impressive series of national and international reviews.
- We played live at STUDIO BRUSSEL (Clubsidedown) together with VOLBEAT & SPOIL ENGINE
- We shared the stage with MISERY INDEX, DESPISED ICON, BENEATH THE MASSACRE & MAN MUST DIE (European tour)

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