• Songs of the Moment #001 - #050

    31 May 2010, 15:18 by Xemper

    In April 2008 I made a list of 12 songs that I was enjoying at that moment in time. I called it my Album of the Moment and ever since, this album has been chopped and changed as I grew tired of old songs and discovered new ones. So far, 160 different songs have appeared in my album of the moment, some of which I took the effort to write about, many I haven't. If you browse the journal, I'm sure you'll find some of them.

    Below is a list of the first 50 tracks that appeared in my Album of the Moment. It took a surprisingly long time to link up all the songs so its just the first 50 for now but I'll add the rest in a little while (when I can be bothered). Meanwhile all the songs can be viewed on my AOTM playlist:

    #001: Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
    #002: The Young Knives - Mummy Light The Fire
    #003: The Futureheads - Danger of the Water
    #004: The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
    #005: The Changes - On A String
    #006: Friendly Fires - Paris
  • Album Of The Moment (01/06/08)

    1 Jun 2008, 19:25 by Xemper


    About two months ago I went through my Album Of The Moment. The Album Of The Moment is a selection of twelve songs that are my current favourites. These change over time as I get bored and/or irritated by current favourites and discover new music or dig out forgotten gems. In the two months since I shared my AOTM a number of songs have come and gone and now I have a totally new set of songs I’m loving right now.
    Below are the twelve tracks that currently makes up my album of the moment.

    MapsLost My Soul
    I reckon this to be the best song from Maps' debut album We Can Create. I got the album after discovering it had been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize last year. Honestly, the album is lacking lyrically, often being pretty meaningless with words seemingly being chosen out of audible impact rather being of any substance. Lost My Soul is a prime example. One of the more down-tempo songs of the album…
  • Era, E.S. Posthumus and Moby's New Albums!

    1 Apr 2008, 17:30 by Richardgm

    Oh yes, my #5 most played artist Era (2,934), #8 E.S. Posthumus (1954), and Moby, who now sits at #23 with 802 plays have all released new album recently, and I got a hold of them.

    Firstly, I was ecstatic to learn (via E.S Posthumus' page on last.fm of course) that they released a new album (Cartographer) months ago! So I quickly downloaded, and got listening. First impressions? First CD with that lady singing is very unlike the E.S. I loved. Second CD was more like it, but to date only 4 songs I consider good. They are Oraanu Pi, Mosane Pi, Isunova Pi, and Raptamei Pi.

    Fyi, E.S made it to my #1 spot for the week ending Mar 30, with 136 plays.

    Era's album Reborn is slated for release soon is again another New Age album I think has too much pop influences. Previous Era works (Era and Era 2) were a great mix of dance, and Gregorian vocals, this release is more pop with a smaller dose of the above mentioned. The few favourites are Sinfoni deo, Reborn, Come Into My World, and finally Last Song.
  • Back to the future '08...

    26 Feb 2008, 17:51 by Baqx

    Dlugooczekiwany koniec semestru wreszcie nastał. Cos sie konczy, cos zas zaczyna. Jednak zanim nowy, farmakologiczny;) semestr nastal na dobre, byla tzw. przerwa miedzysemestralna, przez niektórych hucznie nazywana "feriami" ( 5 dni... pff...). Co roku spedzalem je w domu, ze znajomymi. Nie twierdze, ze byl to okres zmarnowany, ale w tym roku... ten tydzien wolnego spedzilem wybitnie udanie:)

    Nie tylko dlatego, ze to Egipt.
    Nie tylko dlatego, ze nie sam.
    Nie tylko dlatego, ze tego mi bylo trzeba.

    Ale chyba glownie z tego względu, ze poraz pierwszy mialem okazje przekonac sie "jak to bedzie":

    klasc sie spac - nie samemu;
    zasypiajac bez klopotliwej mysli "a jutro trzeba wstac...";
    budzic sie - przytulajac nie poduszke;
    jesc wspolne posilki, spedzac razem nie tylko wieczory;

    A ze przy okazji moglem lezec do gory brzuchem na plazy caly dzien, zwiedzic starozytna swiatynie w Luksorze, Doline Krolow czy podwodne krolestwo rafy koralowej z butla (i reka instruktora. …
  • Wczoraj... i dziś.

    10 Jan 2007, 02:11 by consider_it

    Wiecie - kiedy człowiek siedzi całą noc, kiedy próbuje już nie myśleć, kiedy stara się skupić na czymś innym niż...
    To dopiero jest męczące!
    A potem przesypia pół dnia, aby kolejnej nocy zorientować się, że znów nie może swoich rozbieganych myśli zagonić w jedno stado, w jedno miejsce...

    I'm Not Worried At All
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