• "Expand Your Musical Horizons" - episode 71

    11 Dec 2010, 23:39 by attitune

    Expand Your Musical Horizons – 71

    uploaded 25 November, 2010

    Side Liner opens this episode with another great track
    There’s plenty of new music discoveries for you in this one-hour episode. We’re going to start off with a track from a new Side Liner release on Cosmicleaf. He’s compiled and remixed another esteemed chillout artist, Jens Buchert in a new compilation called “Discovering Jens Buchert.” You might recall a previous Side Liner release (“Discovering Lemongrass Music”) that was equally as delicious.

    Then there’s plenty more: aurally enticing tracks from artists in Lithuania, Germany, Colombia, Belarus, UK, France, Gambia, USA, Mexico, and Russia. Be sure to take notes: you’ll want to hear more from all of them. And we wrap things up with a lovely new downtempo track from our friends at SINE Music in Germany– in this case, a collaboration between Klangstein and Sine. Enjoy!