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  1. MIRAGE was created by KISAKI (Phantasmagoria). MIRAGE was in activity only for 3 years, but had lot of cds and concerts and yet fans.
    MIRAGE was…

  2. LAYBIAL (1999 - 2000)

    Vocal: 聖月 (Seitsuki) (Distray → LAYBIAL)
    Guitar: 哀 (Ai) (Ver:tige → Lumi/Ere → LAYBIAL → オルゴール)
    Guitar: 涙沙 (Ruiza)…

  3. Agnus∻Dei where made up of Tonny(later 零) on vocals, CLIA guitar, 摩修 bass and Lovyn drums. Information on them is hard to come by, but they…

  4. Final Lineup:
    Vocals: 浅葱 (ASAGI)
    Guitar: SHI-NO
    Guitar: 亜希生(Akito)
    Bass: 紫苑 (Shion)
    Drums: JUNYA

    Drums: KAZUKI (until 1998)

    The band…

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  6. The band SPEED-iD is inspired by music such as gothic, punk, house and shoegazer. They have always created their own style, which they call "REAL…

  7. Da'vidノ使徒:aL (pronounced dabide shito aeru) was an indies visual kei band formed in Osaka in June, 1997 by リエット (Rietto) with エルゼ (Eruze),…

  8. pleur was an indies visual kei band signed to the Kreis label.

    The band started when Da'vidノ使徒:aL disbands, vocalist Pietoro and bassist Eruze…

  9. Mist of Rouge was a visual kei band which was first signed with Matina and then with UNDERCODE PRODUCTION.

    They disbanded in 2003.

    The Members…

  10. Members:
    Hisui - vocals (ex: De≠prive, DE=LUGE, Vierge, Madeth gray'll, JELLY BERRY)
    HIZAKI - lead guitar (ex: GARNET GRAVE, Crack brain, moved on…

  11. Status : disbanded (2000-200x)

    Guitar→Vocal: Tsukasa
    (→Velze Dieulawahl→-People-(京介)→Mr.unknown)
    Guitar: Kenshin

  12. members:
    Voice, Chorus: KoHey
    (Sleep My Dear(roadie)→Sleep My Dear→Medical Trance Peach→Cryella)  


  13. Years active: 1995-1999

    Vocal … KAZUKI
    → CANARY → 凛廻! → Rinne

    Bass … 紫乃 (now ユーゼ)
    → LA VALLIÉRE → CANARY → Vice†Risk → La'miss†fairy(紫乃) →…

  14. Aioria was an indies visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan, they started in June 2001 as a project of ミサ (Misa - ex-Da'vidノ使徒:aL, ex-Klein Kaiser) and…

  15. ピュエラ (Pyuera) were a visual-kei band signed to the Soleil record label in the late 1990's, formed by Rai and Krus in April 1998. They started their…

  16. This is an incorrect artist tag for GARDEN.

  17. Though they have only few fans outside Japan, Vasalla is probably SIN's most significant project and had been active from almost all the 90s. Sin…

  18. 雀羅 (romanized as Jakura) was a Japanese indies visual kei band which didn't last for long, but made a great impact on the scene.

    砦 (Sai) - Vocals…

  19. Lamiel was a visual/nagoya kei band, existing from 1997 till 2000.

    Lamiel was formed by Yuina (vo.) and Akira (gt.) in 1997. Then aie (gt.) and Ruka…

  20. Members:
    Vocal - KAMIYA Lucideローディ→ナディア→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→RIBBON(神崎)
    Guitar - YUI →Tiena-yui→MARRY+AN+BLOOD→イナズマ
    Guitar - SHIKI →MARRY+AN+BLOOD→…


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