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  2. Members:
    Vocal: Ruli
    Guitar: MIZUKU
    Guitar: akira
    Bass: Kanoe
    Drums: Reilu
    Status: Disbanded
    Since: 2004~2005
    Spelling: ディバイスアンディスペアー…

  3. SULFURIC ACID was created in 2002 by MASAKI (ex BACK BONE) on vocals and TOMOZO on guitar. Later, the two were joined by SEIJI (ex CANVASE) on…

  4. eze:quL was an indies visual kei band, active from 1999/03/**-2001/05/**.

    Eze:quL was a fairly unknown band during their time.

    The golden year for…

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  6. Missalina Rei was a visual kei band from Japan on the label Key Party, formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2000. The lineup included Arisugawa Arisu…

  7. Mist of Rouge was a visual kei band which was first signed with Matina and then with UNDERCODE PRODUCTION.

    They disbanded in 2003.

    The Members…

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  9. An old hand in the indies scene, Madeth gray'll were an aggressive presence from 1997 until their disbanding in January, 2001. With their dark,…

  10. Members:

    Vocals: SHINA
    Guitar: RYOTA
    Bass: LUCCA
    Drums: JOE-NOSUKE

    NOi'X (pronounced similar to "noir") was an indie visual kei band from Japan…

  11. Noir Fleurir, originally going by as DEFLOWER/DEFLOWER could be found on the Key Party label. On vocals was Tomo, 可憐 guitar, bassist KENGO and…

  12. SCISSOR was an indie visual kei band formed in late 2002 which disbanded on November 30, 2005 @ Shibuya O-West.

    Their final line-up:
    Vocals: MIKI →…

  13. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  14. マーディレイラ (Mar'derayla) appeared on the indies scene back in 2002 as part of the Matina label, then as a part of Under Code Production. They were…

  15. moll'e node is the romanized (rōmaji) version of the name of the band モル・ノヲド.

  16. Marilyn☆DustSchooL is a Japanese band formed in 2005.

    はるか (Vocal)
    てつなり (Guitar)
    彩太郎 (Bass)
    W2TAKASHI (Drum)

  17. The band Ruvie (old name Luvie) started in October 2002. In June 2004 they released their first mini album Rubik Cube which proved to be…

  18. Final Lineup:
    Vocals: 浅葱 (ASAGI)
    Guitar: SHI-NO
    Guitar: 亜希生(Akito)
    Bass: 紫苑 (Shion)
    Drums: JUNYA

    Drums: KAZUKI (until 1998)

    The band…

  19. Lubis Cadir is the former band of 12012 vocalist 宮脇 渉 and guitarist 須賀 憂介, formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002. They were active on the Matina…

  20. HISKAREA was a visual kei band that was signed to UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. They were active for a very short period, forming in 2003 and disbanding…


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