• Album of the Week 2010 v. IX - II

    1 Mar 2010, 14:12 by ReverendDoom

    Along with the mighty Reverend Bizarre and Spiritus Mortis the late Minotauri carried the torch of true doom metal in Finland. While I do not know much about them they did manage to release two kick ass studio albums in their 13 year history. Their second simply titled II is a great album and definitely an album worthy of their last recorded material...

    track listing:
    01. Hammer of Doom 05:53
    02. Kill to Live 05:57
    03. War 03:23
    04. Storms of the World 05:09
    05. Under the Cross 04:02
    06. Doom on Ice 04:21
    07. Misery 05:00
    08. Satan in Man 05:19
    09. Sex Messiah 05:23
    10. Black (Magic) Triangle 05:15
  • Scandinavia To Re-Invent Traditional Heavy Metal? - An Ode To 40 Years Of Metal

    25 Feb 2010, 05:08 by MasterOfPizza99

    As of Saturday February 13 2009, Metal’s initial offering - the reknown and revered Black Sabbath self-titled LP turned 40 years old. For fans of the music, including myself, this begs the question of who will follow this style long after the inevitable demise of the band?

    You can’t kill the Metal, and we can all agree that Scandinavia is perhaps the coolest region for Metal. Do you love Death Metal, Black Metal, among other dozens of forms of Extreme Metal? A substantial cut of their asses are certainly owed to that specific region for their creations and maintenance. Do you love Traditional Heavy Metal - As in the prototypical sound of the more classical guard of the genre; pioneered by the formative works of Sabbath, Rush and Rainbow, the expansive New Wave of British Heavy Metal dream team of impact players Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead & Venom, alongside Diamond Head, Angel Witch, early-Def Leppard and Doom Metallers Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar, as well as American acts such as Pentagram
  • Artist Trail #2 (Melvins)

    23 Feb 2009, 21:05 by NecroticGoblin

    Pick an artist.
    Go to their page. Write down their top similar artist that is not already in your list. Click through to that artist's page. Repeat.
    Asterisks indicate bands that I have "listened" to. I arbitrarily chose 10 plays for this.
    Starting with my top artist of the past 12 months:

    1. Melvins *
    2. Big Business *
    3. Torche *
    4. Floor
    5. Cavity
    6. Church of Misery
    7. Acid King *
    8. Goatsnake *
    9. Spirit Caravan *
    10. The Hidden Hand *
    11. The Obsessed *
    12. Saint Vitus *
    13. Reverend Bizarre
    14. The Puritan
    15. Minotauri
    16. Mirror of Deception
    17. Pale Divine
    18. Spiritus Mortis
    19. Penance
    20. Burning Saviours
    21. Blowback
    22. Toner Low
    23. Sea of Green
    24. Red Giant *
    25. Novadriver *
    26. Greenleaf *
    27. Blind Dog *
    28. Orquesta del Desierto *
    29. Earthlings? *
    30. Beaver *
    31. Cowboys & Aliens
    32. Astroqueen
    33. Firestone
    34. Asteroid *
    35. Electric Magma
    36. Generous Maria
    37. Winterun
  • Album of the Week 16 - Finnish Invasion!

    11 Aug 2008, 12:57 by ReverendDoom

  • Минотавры

    26 Apr 2008, 21:17 by lameh

    В чухонских лесах в начале века завелись минотавры. Они не пожирают молодых людей, они играют дум, причём не какую-нибудь противоестественную смесь, а самый что ни на есть традишнл. Речь, конечно же, идёт о достаточно известной в узких кругах группе Minotauri.
    Для меня знакомство с творчеством этой группы явилось приятной неожиданностью: отчего-то казалось, судя по информации на сайте, что это не более чем клон Пентаграммы. Ну, общее, разумеется, есть, но музыка минотавров, кажется, обладает некой индивидуальностью. Собственно, музыкальные партии изобилуют фирменными "думовыми соло", музыка приятная и ничуть не навязчивая. Тексты... забавны. Я бы сказал, традиционно забавны. Не хочется трогать грандов и мэтров, а вот с Круксом я бы ребят сравнил, хоть финам и есть ещё над чем поработать. Да вот, хотя бы, произношение отточить.
    Тем не менее, я бы поставил группе заслуженную пятёрку с маленьким минусом и пожелал никогда не встречаться с Тесеем. ;)
    Пожалуй, можно посоветовать к обязательному прослушиванию (в рамках жанра).
  • + Best In Heavy Metal / Hard Rock - 2007.

    22 Apr 2008, 01:00 by Coffinwood_Mill

    Yes, I realize this is months late but people have been pestering me about it incessantly and so I finally decided to relent and post it here. I had initially wanted to post a 2007 Best Of journal that encompassed all of the genres that I listen to, but the other section (neofolk/martial & indie/etc.) is not yet complete (yes, I do realize it's nearly May) and will be posted at a later date.

    Personally I did not think that 2007 was a very good year for heavy metal music. As the months pass and the years go by innovative or interesting artists within the heavy metal genre have dwindled considerably. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough new artists releasing debut records that are interesting, original, or inventive in any way to make up for the losses, missteps, and disappointments released year after year by a myriad of the bands I used to enjoy. In years past I have posted Top 20 Best Of journals around the internet and for various heavy metal websites annually, but I'm afraid this year the genre only deserves a Top 15. …
  • A Guide to Doom-Metal. Part I: Traditional Doom

    24 Mar 2008, 15:33 by 399796kms

    A Guide to Doom-Metal

    Part I: Traditional Doom

    As I'm sure some of you are aware, I've taken it upon myself to write "Guides" here exploring the various Metal subgenres, tackling Death and Black metal thus far. Thus I come to what is probably my favorite genre of Metal: Doom.

    But Doom metal is as varied as Metal itself; there's Funeral Doom, Doom-Death, Stoner, etc. My intention isn't so much as to write a historical of the genres, but more a guide to worthy bands without degenerating into those asinine top 10 lists that everyone and their dead grandparents have posted on the internet somewhere.

    I shall begin this by going to the beginning, to traditional Doom, or true Doom as those over in Hellride like to call it. I have no such petty sectarian attitudes (well, except for "gothic" doom but thats for later). I expect many will disagree with me but whatever, without further ado, let us begin.

    Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath not only invented Metal as it would come to be known…
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of 2007

    1 Feb 2008, 11:36 by Memor

    I've been working on this list for ages, and because I had so little time to listen to any new music due to my army service, the list of unlistened albums just grew BIG and not until January did I have the time to solve the mess. But now it is ready!

    Let's start with the one's I don't want to list with the others, for they are something I don't really enjoy but I still had (for some odd reasons) to check them out.

    65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas
    Okay, I was supposed to check this out a long time ago, but this album was the first one I really got interested about, so I checked it out.
    Let me get one thing straight: this is actually a good album. The drum sound just ruins my mood to listen to this. The composions are good and the electronic stuff really bring a nice feel to the music. Maybe I just need to give this some more time. I really have to check their other releases though.

    Behemoth - The Apostasy
    I'm really no friend of death metal, so this fails to impress me in any way. …