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  1. Bio
    INGROWING - the band was formed in Budweis (Czech Republic), started in July 1995, after several split records (for example with Exhumed,…

  2. Deranged Noise Gore Grind Chaos. Official Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/intestinaldisgorge

  3. Goreanus are a goregrind/porngrind band from St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Their new EP is called "Недоброжелательное онанирование".

  4. Eardelete continues in tradition of NASA grind, ex-NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE. They released their debut album "Zombielogy" on Obscene records.

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  6. Abosranie Bogom is a goregrind project started in 1999 by Jash K. (a.k.a. Shit Eater) who now resides in Haifa, Israel and is known for other…

  7. Goregrind band from France, formed in 1999.

  8. PornoGoreGrind band from Russia.
    Sergei "Minister Of Furniture" : Bass
    Nicklay : Drums
    Oleg "Kot-Pilun" : Vocals, Guitar

  9. Ballgag is a death/grind band from San Antonio, TX. We are not an Intestinal Disgorge side project. We are currently on an indefinite hiatus. New…

  10. In autumn of the year 2004 after the birth of the jewish prophet the idea to establish the musical terror command that preaches the gore to…

  11. Purulent Jacuzzi is a goregrind band from Moscow, Russia.

    Official Myspace

  12. Porngrind band from Mexico.

  13. Porngrind band from Saint-Petersburg. E.V.A. = Engorged Vaginal Abyss.
    E.V.A. is Vocal: Zloy , Guitar/Screamo Vocal: Co4enn , Bass: Bassist ,…

  14. visit www.poppyseedgrinder.cz for: online stream of all our tracks, news, shows, e-shop...

    Poppy Seed Grinder is a brutal death metal band, since…

  15. Hymen Holocaust is a solo necro-gore project from Morris "Cliteater" who wanted to have another "band" besides Cliteater. As you would expect…

  16. Kots is a dutch digital goregrind band formed in 2004, featuring Erwin from S.M.E.S. and Jores from Rompeprop.

  17. Sordid Clot is a Russian goregrind band.

  18. Suppository is a grindcore band from the Netherlands.(limburg/brabant)


  19. CEREBRAL TURBULENCY is a "hard grind metal core" band from Czech Republic. They arose in late 1993 as a teenage duo (drums and guitar/vocal)…


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