• Bzangy Groink Playlist 7/7/10

    18 Jul 2010, 23:35 by JyotiMishra

    No one top new track tonight because instead there were three tracks from the fantastic new album by Huoratron. Last year, Vitalic made it to the topspot in my best albums list. I have a feeling that Huoratron's mix of stupid, stupid noises, slamming, horrible beats and the sound of seagulls being shredded is going to do the same this year. It's gonna be in the top five at least. Check it out if you've ever liked any electronic music of any form whatsoever.

    It was also a very busy night so I got loads of requests. Hence the chunks of old hip hop and ska in the playlist. So, this week's top old tune was the simply sumptuous 'We Can Get Down' by A Tribe Called Quest. I have listened to this song a ridiculous amount of times and yet, every time I hear it, I'm amazed at the melding of rhymes and beats. It's perfect. Flawless. Perfection.

    This is what youse hoird:

    Taz Buckfaster - au revoir
  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 10/3/10

    15 Mar 2010, 22:18 by JyotiMishra

    Woo - loads of requests tonight: Russian Circles, MSTRKRFT, Refused, Venetian Snares. But I still managed to cram in craploads of brand-new music as well.

    The best from the new was Swanton Bombs' 'Who's Asking.' I love the rawness of this track, I love the middle bit guitar riffery. There's a lot to be said for eschewing the wanky solo in favour of the cranking rhythm, The Kinks knew that and so do Swanton Bombs, even though they sound fuck-all like The Kinks.

    The best old track has to be Venetian Snares' 'Einstein-Rosen Bridge.' I'm sure I've had it as a best old track before, it's so utterly awesome. And, as old as it is, it still makes people look up and do good WTF?? faces. Pure loveliness!

    And, tonight, I broke all my normal Bzangy rules by playing not one but three tracks currently on Radio One. The first was Wiley because I love it and, hey, it's nice to have (a bit) of my song back in the charts! :-)