• "Songs for Haiti"... an amazing compilation and a great purpose.

    27 Apr 2010, 02:22 by hdsander

    I'm happy, it's finally here!!! Shannon Hurley's compilation "Songs for Haiti"... an amazing list of artists and a great purpose.

    A collection of artists banding together to sing "Songs for Haiti", a benefit album to help the rescue effort for the people of Haiti after the massive and devastating January earthquake. Gently bridging from singer-songwriter/acoustic folk, to soft electronic, to modern pop-rock, all of these songs have the common purpose of healing and finding music as a way to help solve the problems of the world.
    Artists that generously donated their lovely music to this album are: Mike Schmid, Samantha Murphy, Kate Earl, Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy, Mark Cofer, Sarah Fimm, Peter Murphy, Leigh Nash, Lovers and Poets (Shannon Hurley & Ben Eisen), Manda Mosher, Jamie Lynn Noon, Jenni Alpert, Lindsey Yung, Sierra Swan, Josh Mease, Kelda…