• Song Of The Day - 25 Mar 2009: Rosewood Bitters

    29 Mar 2009, 01:31 by sablespecter

    Michael Stanley / Rosewood Bitters / Michael Stanley (1) / ? 1972

    I take a short break from posting the MUS1030 Music Journals to give a shout out to Michael Stanley, who turned 61 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday to the hometown hero!


    For his birthday last year, I chose a selection from Silk, the group he was with before he struck out on his own. This selection comes from the next album he appeared on, which was his first solo album. It was one of only nine released by the obscure, short-lived, corporate-funded, weed-fuelled Tumbleweed label. For a long time this was a very difficult album to obtain, but you can easily get it on CD via his website now.

    Tumbleweed's founders were in L.A. when they decided to form a new label in 1970, but started up in Denver in an effort to find a new scene apart from the stale late-60s hippie scene of southern California, and also because they were terrified of the over-hyped "Big One" earthquake…
  • Song Of The Day - 25 Mar 2008: Not A Whole Lot I Can Do

    26 Mar 2008, 03:21 by sablespecter

    Silk / "Not A Whole Lot I Can Do" / Smooth As Raw Silk (4) / Jan 1969

    Artist: Silk
    Original Album: Smooth As Raw Silk
    Track: Not A Whole Lot I Can Do

    Happy 60th Birthday to Michael Stanley Gee!

    (source: michaelstanley.com)

    When I first highlighted Michael and The Michael Stanley Band, I also mentioned what he's been doing since, but this is where it all really started.

    In 1965, he first began with the Scepters. By 1969, Michael was a student at Hiram College, working on his B.A., and playing bass as a member of Silk, an organ/guitar quartet that was locally-popular here in Cleveland. Along with Randy Sabo on the organ/keys, Chris Johns on guitar, and Courtney Johns on drums, they produced this album with Bill Szymczyk (Eagles) for ABC Records.

    (Michael at rear)
    (source: moorestevie.com)

    As one might be able to guess from my heritage, I also recommend Scottish Thing. …
  • Celebrating One Year of Song of The Day!

    25 Jan 2008, 03:20 by sablespecter

    I brought the concept of the Song of The Day into the internet age one year ago today, 24 Jan 2007 (local time), and I've loved every day of it.

    If you have been reading along, then thanks for reading and especially to everyone who has commented in! If you're new to SotD, please stay tuned as we move into year two!

    In the past year, we've had a SotD from all of the artists listed below (# of selections). With 365 selections up, I've only covered 5% of the sablespecter catalog, and it's growing by more than an average of a song per day, so we're not anywhere near being in danger of running out of songs!

    In fact, the nicely coincident timing of Last's big announcement means the collective available catalog is now quite a bit larger for all of us! It's almost cosmic timing - I wonder if this is their way of celebrating?

    Yeah, probably not, so to celebrate a successful year, I've decided that starting today, Song of The Day is now open to requests (don't all rush in at once LOL)!…
  • Song Of The Day - 04 Dec 2007: Let's Get The Show On The Road

    5 Dec 2007, 03:51 by sablespecter

    Michael Stanley / "Let's Get The Show On The Road" / Friends & Legends (4) / ? 1973

    Artist: Michael Stanley
    Original Album: Friends & Legends
    Track: Let's Get The Show On The Road

    Two-minute track preview via itsaboutmusic.com

    "And today's for sale /
    And it's all you can afford /
    By your own admission /
    Well, the whole thing's got you bored"

    I woke up to this song this morning, and as I lay there listening to it, I realized the SotD has never highlighted this local hero or Michael Stanley Band! For shame!

    Cleveland (Rocky River) native Michael Stanley was a lesser known but well-connected part of the early 70s "singer/songwriter" era, releasing two solo albums before forming MSB in 1975. They were a major draw in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio in the late 70s and early 80s, but they only achieved modest success nationwide. Almost no one - and not just Clevelanders - doubts that they deserved more national success.