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    Sat 11 Jul – American Idols Live! Tour 2009

    After having been a huge American Idol fan for years, I finally went to an AI concert. Why, you ask? Adam Lambert.

    I'm still disappointed Adam didn't win, but even as I was voting landline in one hand and cellphone in the other I knew how things were going to end. I knew it was going to be like on that Simpsons episode where Bart runs for class president and everybody loves his speeches and everything points to him winning, but the day of the actual voting everybody forgets and Bart loses to lame-o Martin. That is what happened on AI. Danny's pastor was calling on all the flock to vote for Kris (the other christian contestant), everybody in Kris's town was being encouraged to vote, etc. While Adam's fans just met the next day, "Did you vote? No. Did you? No."

    At the end of the day, who is going to sell more music? Did you know that for every presidential election 7-11 makes its own prediction and that they've never been wrong?…