• Jesse Sprinkle: producing at Bluebrick Recording Studio

    21 Nov 2007, 21:22 by puddlegum

    At the age of 31,Jesse Sprinkle has accomplished a tremendous amount as a professional recording artist, performer, producer, photographer, and designer. His work has varied from `90s alternative to metal, from emo to classical guitar… begging his fans to ask, “What will Jesse do next?”

    Sprinkle has toured and recorded with a long list of bands over the past fifteen years. Now his creative mind is focusing on his Bluebrick Recording Studio in Avon, New York. Over the past twelve months Jesse has produced at artists such as: Fusion, Subcolour, Blue Was a Bear, The Wrong Mind, and Courtney Streb. Sprinkle has a gifted eye as a photographer, amassing thousands of artistic photographs as he toured the world. He also offers his photography services at Bluebrick Recordings, drawing upon his catalogue.

    “Bluebrick Recordings is a 24 track digital recording facility operated by Jesse Sprinkle and George Hochbrueckner. We are people devoted to real art created by real humans for real reasons. …
  • For The First Time In Years...

    10 Jan 2007, 23:10 by SirTheory

    ...I recieved a Radrockers.com order. Because for the first time in years I placed a Radrockers order.

    I used to place orders several times a year. That would have been back when I was into hard music (and only Christian music)-- specifically extreme metal-- so it was my main outlet for anything metal that wasn't released on Solid State Records. I poured over the Radrockers catalog, trying to figure out what metal CDs I'd need to get, just from their small blurbs describing them. Keep in mind this was before myspace, and even if it wasn't we still would have only had dial up. So previewing music wasn't really an option.

    Through radrockers I got into bands like Antestor, Slechtvalk, Kekal, and more. I'd go through the catalog, read every available album description and mark the ones that seemed like I might like them. Hours were spent on my bed, adding prices up, shuffling things around, and finally chosing a list of CDs that fell into however much I wanted to spend at the time. …
  • A-Z, my library's favorites

    21 Sep 2006, 19:29 by jkwood

    A: Adam Sandler - Kind of a guilty pleasure. I can't help myself, I think it's hilarious to listen to this man curse.

    B: Basque - Very chill mellow music for relaxing. Honorable mention goes to Bjork, a very close second for the B spot.

    C: Collide - Female-fronted industrial/electronic. It's sooo good.

    D: The Doors - Great music, great lyrics, great movie. Second choice would be Dark Muse, an ethereal/experimental/minimalist artist really good to chill too.

    E: Evanescence - Her vocals are powerful, but not overpowering, and the music is heavy, but not quite metal. Great combination, and I just can't help but really like them.

    F: Falling You - Another ethereal, relaxing band, Falling You is a little more melodic and ambient than Basque and Dark Muse, but in the same vein.

    G: Grant Lee Buffalo - I don't have many "G" artists in my music library, but Grant Lee Buffalo remains a good choice of music even after 10 or so years since release. …