• Explosions in the Sky with El May & Eluvium

    17 Feb 2008, 05:24 by l0stwhispers

    Sat 16 Feb – Explosions in the Sky

    I bought the ticket for this gig more or less on impulse, really. I like Explosions in the Sky, but I'm not a very very very huge fan of them. Love their music and stuff, but I never thought I'd get to see them live, and well, I just didn't know whether I'd like to see them live. But when I first heard they were going, I just went spastic and bought the ticket. $39 + bf. Now that was quite a spend at that time.

    So as time went on and the gig drew nearer, I got a little hesitant. After all, I had no one to go with, no one to enjoy it with. None of my friends listen to EitS, sadly enough. I was even having second thoughts about going this afternoon. But, yep, finally decided to go through with it. I knew somewhere in my mind that I'd go in the end. $39 bucks for nothing would be such a waste.

    Got in line at about 8.20pm, and guess who came in next? Corqueatsz, or Gary. Heh. I got to know him through my last. …