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The listing for Metro consists of some acts: Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock band from Serbia, a Hungarian beat band; a jazz ensemble; a band from Passau, Germany; a soft rock band from the 70s; a soundsystem; an Indonesian pop rock band.

(1) Metro is an indie pop band from Luxembourg. Their sound is oscillating between 80's pop, 70's krautrock, new-wave and electro. Pounding drum beats, grooving basslines, screaming synth-symphonies and cheap japanese sound-toys, combined with Olivier's precise and passionate vocals are their recipe for love.

(2) Metro was a popular beat band in Hungary formed by Zorán. They originally released one studio album (Metro, 1969), a live album (Egy este a metro-klubban… -One Night in the Metro Club…- 1970), and almost forty singles they were active. At the beginning of the '90s, they released another live album (Metro koncert -Metro concert- 1992), and two compilation album which contains many of their single-only released songs. In 2000, their two old albums where re-released on CD, these editions contains, many other single-only songs, near the original songs, and they released an another compilation albums: Gyémánt és arany (Diamond and Gold), which those single songs which were never released on CD before. The members of bands were changed many times
This band was active from 1962 to 1972. At the early years, they covered only famous english songs, and in 1966, when their first hungarian song was success, they recorded only hungarian songs. They released many songs on singles, but their studio album contains only new songs. Later the members changed more times, but neighter of them were successful, so the they disbanded in 1972.

The "classic" members:
- Sztevanovity Zorán
- Sztevanovity Dusán
- Frenreisz Károly
- Schöck Ottó
- Brunner Győző

(3) Metro is a jazz ensemble consisting of Mitchel Forman and Chuck Loeb, working in tandem with Wolfgang Haffner and Victor Bailey. The band was founded in spring 1994 by Chuck Loeb and Mitchel Forman, who have dreamed of starting their own cooperative band project for over 20 years since they worked together for Stan Getz. During their long career they have often met again - including for a tour and live-album by saxman Bill Evans called "Petite Blonde", but they have never led a band together before "Metro". For the steady band they looked for a great bassman and drummer. Originally Dennis Chambers was invited to join the band, but he was busy with a commercial job for the first tour of Europe in spring of 1994. So German drummer Wolfgang Haffner was invited on the recommendation of bassman Anthony Jackson who had worked with him on several occassions in Europe - and it worked out great. The band recorded their first album - called metro like the band - directly after the tour at the "Hansahaus"-Studios in Bonn, Germany. Since then they have played a second tour of Europe with concerts in France, Poland and Germany.
The press reactions were almost as good as the reactions of the audience - and many journalists remarked that the band plays "Power fusion" instead of "elevator crap". In spring 1995 Anthony Jackson left the band and was succeeded by bassman Victor Bailey (ex-Weather Report, Petite Blonde, Madonna a.o.). They recorded the new album "Tree People" and were be performing live in spring of 1996 in Germany ,Austria and other European countries. Their second album "Tree People" is available in France through JMS/Sony Distribution

(4) Another act called Metro consists of 5 guys from Passau, Germany, who started to play together in mid-2006: Christian Ulbrich(synths), Gabriel Bartl(guitar), Benjamin Block(vocals, guitar), Leo Schmidt(drums) and Michael Uhl(bass). In early 2007 they performed the songs they had finnished up to that point to positive audience reactions.

(5) One other incarnation of the band "Metro" featured a core of three multi-instrumentalists, Peter Godwin, Duncan Browne and Sean Lyons whose debut ('Metro') was released in the late '70s on the Transatlantic label.
Somewhat difficult to pigeon-hole in terms of style, one possible description could be "underground Paris soft rock" coincidentally harking back to the band's name, the music being strongly evocative of loss, passion and lust in a city of romance such as Paris.
"Criminal World" the first single from the debut, was later covered by David Bowie, although the original remains the definitive version.
"Flame" and its "Overture" are highlight tracks that would be appreciated across many genres of listeners.
After recording a follow-up (New Love) and the untimely death of Duncan Browne (who leaves behind his own extensive discography) the voice of the band, Peter Godwin went on to record some disco-oriented material with some mainland European success.

(6)An alternative rock band from Turkey, releasing just one album named "Avucumda Gokyuzu".

(7) Metro is a soundsystem.

(8) Metro is a polish hip hop producer.

(9) Metro je Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock bend iz Srbije (ex-YU). Izdali su dva albuma 1983. Čupave Glave i 1995. Eksplozija.
Prvobitna postava koja je i snimila Čupave Glave '83. činili su:

Branko Savić - Vokal
Ivan Maksimović - Gitara
Saša Krstić - Klavijature
Petar Maksimović - Bas gitara
Zdravko Lalić - Bubnjevi

Postava se promenila tokom '90-tih. Tokom snimanja albuma Eksplozija '95. postavu su činili

Branko Savić - Vokal
Goran Ratković - Gitara, prateći vokal
Nenad Jovanović - Bas gitara
Pit Kordus - Gitara
Djordje Ilić - Gitara (zamenio je Kordus-a kada je napustio bend)
Branislav Kastevarac - Bubnjevi
Predrag Sazdanović - Klavijature

(10) Metro is a Christian rock band from Northern Ireland.

(11) Metro also refers to Indian Movie whose songs were massively popular

(12) Metro (previously known as Outside Ordinary) is a straight rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed by Juju (vocals), Anom (guitars), Ranggi (bass), Said (guitarst), and Oki (percussions). Their self-titled album is now available in stores, featuring the hit single M.A.T.S.A.U. They also did some nice covers such as Daft Punk's Digital Love and Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are.
MySpace – http://myspace.com/metroofficial
YouTube – http://youtube.com/user/metroofficialchannel

(13) Metro is also the name of a Japanese two-piece formed in 2000 by Yuka Takayama (vocals, piano) and Shinsuke Sunoharahi (guitar, bass, programming, backing vocals). They have contributed to some music mixes and released a single in 2001.
Site - http://fweb.midi.co.jp/~metro/

(14) Metro is an alias of Reginald Burrell co-founder of Nu Groove records. He's also recorded as Assylum, Avant Garde, Dance Lessons, Houz' Neegroz, Jazz Documents, N.Y. House'n Authority, Rheji Burrell, Roqui, S.R.O., S.T. Williams, Simple Simon, Tech Trax Inc, The Utopia Project & Track And Feel Events.

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