• The Half Stack: Playlist 10/27/08

    6 Nov 2008, 13:14 by xaviae

  • What a month.

    13 Jul 2007, 10:21 by Breitbarth


    I used to have 3 CDs.

    As in three, actual and physical, compact discs.

    Whilst driving, which my constant roadtrips and daily routines require me to do, I mainly listened to Maxïmo Park's A Certain Trigger and Q and Not U's Power. I have come to cherish those albums, but they were the only things that I had at the time.

    Of course, this shortage required a compilation-creation spree.

    Being as the only iPod I have ever came close to owning sits on a boudoir in central California, I must continue utilizing compact discs.

    Of course, I have music here, at my new home, but I must have music EVERYWHERE. Especially on the road. The car is prime singing time.

    Early in my project, I realized that it was a waste of time classifying the CDs by artist.

    By limiting the classifications of my project, only two more artists became available to me. The National and Interpol were allowed compilations, specifically in there honor. …