• The Melvins @ Axis in Boston, MA 10/8/06

    9 Oct 2006, 22:07 by pottlukk

    Got to see the Melvins in Boston last night and they did not disappoint.

    Check out the pictures: Melvins - Boston, MA - 10/8/06

    Ghostigital was the opening band. They played techno/rap/noise/samples. The singer (used to be the singer for the Sugarcubes) was an entertaining spaz. He sang something about getting locked outside of his house while wearing a g-string and then about his sofa getting mad because it had an ass in its face. You figure it out.

    Next up was Big Business. The only song I know by them is Focus Pocus which they didn't play. After a few songs Dale joined in on guitar and he and Jared shared some humorous banter.

    Then Buzz walked out and the Melvins proceeded to kick arse. The dual drumming was amazing. I always knew Dale was an accomplished drummer, and now I know that Coady Willis is no slouch either.

    At the end of the last song (I believe it was Lovely Butterfly) Buzz walked off stage followed shortly thereafter by Jared. …
  • Melvins and Big Business at the Chameleon

    8 Oct 2006, 05:48 by Serpent_axed

    The Melvins put on a phenomenal show. I just had to say it right off. I got there early(I think I may have been #7 in line) and was blessed with a song at soundcheck. Buzz and Dale were chattin' with some teens in the audience. King Buzzo asked them if they knew about the album coming out this Tuesday and if they had/were going to download it. One of them sarcastically mentioned stealing it on Limewire. They were asked by Dale Crover and Buzz if they could score some weed from their teacher for them. Dale jokingly mentioned being a dealer. Buzz asked if any of us had been to California, and then if we had been to Disneyland. He quipped "I see none of you have a girlfriend", "We went to Disneyland with our wives." Dale then asked if we had any song requests to which I yelled Pearl Bomb, but he said he didn't think Big Business knew it.

    I went upstairs and ordered a Victory Hopdevil and shortly thereafter Porn appeared. …