• Stealing another Journal entry, this one on iTunes

    14 Jul 2013, 20:03 by verbcake

    Some interesting stats from my iTunes. It's a little different than my last.fm page as I've had iTunes much longer (since 2001) than last.fm (since 2006). Granted I didn't put all my music on my computer until probably 2004 when I got my iPod but yeah. So without further ado here's the journal entry.

    Open iTunes/iPod (or whatever) to answer the following.

    Total number of tracks: 17739

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: A-1 Dieselhed
    -Last Song: ? Secret Chiefs 3
    -Shortest Song: Aw Hell No! by my friend Nathaniel Avery, 5 seconds
    -Longest Song: Delirium Cordia by Fantômas, hour 16 minutes

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: Abandoned Language by Dälek
    -Last Song: Air (Elation Mix) by MF DOOM. That doesn't really count though since I don't have the album name for that track, so hold on.
    Mask by Bauhaus is the last one that I have an album listed for, everything past that either doesn't have an album listed or is a live show and the album is the live date (if that makes sense).
  • Biuro rzeczy znalezionych 2010-02-09 - lista

    10 Feb 2010, 08:20 by radiopanteon

  • Q3 / 2008

    15 Oct 2008, 22:40 by lapacka

    Pelican cim dal lepsi.
    Tak to asi vyhodili tri zbytecny kytaristy a konecne nasli zpevaka.

    Nejak jsem se v posledni dobe zhlidla v chlapkovi, co se jmenuje Hank Williams III. Kdyby zustalo jen u desek, ktery jsou paradni poctivy (opilecky senilni, jak rekl Yorke) kantry, byl by to cajk. Jenze se mi to nejak vymklo z ruky a posledni asi mesic nebo tak se mi nejak libi i to, o cem zpiva. Najdi si to ve slovniku, hmyze. Patrne, lec nejen proto mam takovou hroznou sekeru v psani sem; mam taky milion mega tintilionu jinejch veci (interni, viz komiks o kolotocich), Karel Kockodan je v poradku, diky za optani, a kdyz uz jsme u te reglace, tak si prectete nejvic mega recenzi na Otto Schiracha, co psal Koxo. Pojdte na kaceri donaldi! Satana. Minnie. Jeste jednu Minnie. Skodicka. Centrifuga. Mega. Ted jedu! Ted nejedu! Oh shit, that was fun. Achaá, oh shit, that was hell of a fun!

    A ted to. Vazne. Posledni shrnuti jsem psala 21. cervna, pripada mi to jako milion let zpatky. …
  • Mood Playlist 4/6: Energetic

    27 Oct 2006, 21:39 by aplasticfeast

  • The Melvins @ Axis in Boston, MA 10/8/06

    9 Oct 2006, 22:07 by pottlukk

    Got to see the Melvins in Boston last night and they did not disappoint.

    Check out the pictures: Melvins - Boston, MA - 10/8/06

    Ghostigital was the opening band. They played techno/rap/noise/samples. The singer (used to be the singer for the Sugarcubes) was an entertaining spaz. He sang something about getting locked outside of his house while wearing a g-string and then about his sofa getting mad because it had an ass in its face. You figure it out.

    Next up was Big Business. The only song I know by them is Focus Pocus which they didn't play. After a few songs Dale joined in on guitar and he and Jared shared some humorous banter.

    Then Buzz walked out and the Melvins proceeded to kick arse. The dual drumming was amazing. I always knew Dale was an accomplished drummer, and now I know that Coady Willis is no slouch either.

    At the end of the last song (I believe it was Lovely Butterfly) Buzz walked off stage followed shortly thereafter by Jared. …
  • A Civilized Preview - Melvins at Axis

    9 Oct 2006, 14:16 by phlogistonjohn

    Wow. Was that ever great.

    We got there early and they let us people who already has tickets in. We briefly looked at the t-shirts and stuff, but ended up at the stage as the band walked on. Mark got to ask if he could take pictures and Buzz replied that it was fine. Later they asked the crowd if they had downloaded the new album yet. I'll let Mark tell you what they said next :-). They introduced Civilized Worm from the new album and gave us early birds with an awesome, perfect sounding preview!

    After a bit of waiting Ghostigital came on. They were pretty entertaining, especially since I didn't know much about them ahead of time. Though, I could never really hear the trumpet when he tried to play it.

    During Big Business Jarred wondered aloud if it ever felt like you were wearing a burlap sack. When Dale joined Big Business on guitar they joked that he was contractually obligated to dress like Buzz :-).

    Finally, it was time for the bands to fully merge into the Melvins and the crowd really got excited. …