• The Best Albums of 2007: #50-41

    10 Dec 2007, 04:53 by spectre1982

    The Best Albums of 2007

    Here is my take on the best albums released in 2007. By the end of the year, I will have built up to my #1 album of 2007, but I'll start with some notable EPs, the albums that deserve an honorable mention, and albums #50-41.
    In thinking about my personal take on 2007, the exceptional volume of good albums released stands out. It doesn't necessarily mean that it was a better year--I look back at 2004 and 2005 and see some incredible releases on top-heavy lists, and I remember that while there was less of a clear distinction as to what my top 10 of 2006 would be, there was little drop-off in quality well down the list. And here in 2007, while I had planned on cutting off a formal list at 40, it now seems like 50 is the only way to go. So, better get things started.

    Extended Play

    Gavin Castleton - Hospital Hymns

    Hospital Hymns is the fifth solo release by Gavin Castleton, the second in the conceptual form of a character album. …
  • Mini Reviews - Feb 2006

    3 Feb 2006, 13:35 by andrewbiles

    Ok, I'm going to try and keep up with doing this throughout the year, whether it's about new releases or albums that I've just been slow in getting it doesn't matter, but I'm sure there's always going to be a few little gems hidden in the midst of garbage.

    Cat Power - The Greatest

    Well, what really can be said about Chan Marshall that everyone doesn't already know? She continually writes amazingly good music and this album is no exception. There's a couple of tracks that really lag behind the rest of the album, but literally a couple. It's no 'Moon pix', but it's close. For £8.50 or whatever albums cost new these days it's well worth the pennies if you've enjoyed her previous work and a great introduction if you've heard nothing of her before.

    ******** (8)

    Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

    Well who would've thought I'd enjoy a B&S album? Not me that's for sure. Never been a fan of them but this album's just an indie-pop beauty. …