• Top Rap albums 2010

    1 Jan 2011, 21:37 by Mistah_BH

    Top Rap Albums 2010:

    1. Kno - Death Is Silent
    Fav. track: "Not At The End" (feat. Tunji)
    About 200 scrobbles in the first week…. Just couldn't stop listening. Although the album’s darker and more depressive than any CunninLynguists album, Kno still continued to give the people the type of sound they love and know from the CunninLynguists. Fabulous sample handling, songs that paint pictures and deliver a great atmosphere.
    Certainly, to be honest: Although Kno showed that he still can rap like in the times of “We Will Rap For Food”, I prefer Deacon and Natti on the mic. With that being said: I’m looking forward to 2011’s “Oneirology”, which is – I’m pretty sure – going to be the album of the new year. Kno just never disappoints!

    2. Boho Fau & Elevated SoulCoffee House Swingers
    Fav. track: “Vibin’“
    Insider’s tip of the year! Let me introduce: Boho Fau is a relaxed guy who has a fetish for bookworms. A guy, who is sitting all day long in “Café Au Lait” drinking tea and reading books. …