• Music filled week

    17 Aug 2005, 20:18 by babu227

    On Monday I went to Covent Garden because McFly were doing a signing for the release of I'll Be OK. I managed to get the last wristband to that signing as about 200 people turned up (many fans being there at midnight) and only 80 bands were available. It was mayhem even when Katie just wanted to buy a Coldplay book. I got to meet the McFly boys again and they were as lovely as ever. Dougie's so mad nowadays. Then they busked out in the square to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Research charity. The first track they played was That Girl. They played a new track called I Wanna Hold You. I recorded All About You live on my phone and it turned out really clear because we were so close to the guys. And the last song set me dancing. It was I'll Be OK. After that we went back to HMV and I bought the Mercury album and the from under the cork tree album and since getting home have been listening to them and the McFly singles non stop. Pinball Wizard is an amazing song...especially when Danny sings 'I don't know' in his sexy voice. …