• Hello World ... have you ever heared something about the band Mauryanne ;) ?

    12 Aug 2007, 12:42 by Mauryanne

    Hello World! It's a beautiful day here in the north of switzerland (yes, it's nearly impossible but also this small country can be divided into a north, east, south and west part). I just woke up half an hour ago and got me some breakfast cereals. I really don't know why i decided to create a new blog-entry, i've never done it before, but this is it now. First i'd like to introduce a very cool band called "Mauryanne" (i'm playing the drums ;) ... ) . This spring, we've released an album called Victory Dance and you can download all the 15 Songs (jepp, we thought better we put as much music as possible on the cd) from our website or you can directly find Mauryanne on and download the songs there Victory Dance. Some people may think now it's bulls*** to promote this album in a blog but i don't care about what they'd think about me. I just know that there surely some alternative-rock listeners out there who'd like to get a taste of a swiss-alternative-band. hope you enjoy it ... cheers