• Five great unknown bands

    18 Nov 2009, 15:20 by sterma_albatros

    During my time here on, I managed to discover some really good unknown bands. They span a range of genres and syles, but all have ability and originality. Feel free to take the time to check some of them out.

    Black Metal from the UK

    Iceni are one of the few really good Black Metal bands operating in the UK underground at the moment. They have a raw yet epic sound, with flashes of Bathory and Mayhem. The guitars do not just follow the standard tremolo picking approach, but use the full arsenal of and techniques, much like Darkthrone did on their earlier stuff.
    The standout quality of this band is the lyrics. They seem to really take care to create thoughtful, inspired and above all, excellent lyrics on a regular basis, frequently diverging from their core material of imagery related to the early English tribes from which they take their name.
    Standout track is Journey the Pathways Unknown but they have an entire 6-track demo available for listening on