• Cleveland's Grand Conjuration of Opeth Fans

    25 Sep 2008, 03:47 by sablespecter

    Tue 23 Sep – Opeth, High on Fire

    Having not seen Opeth since the now-defunct Sounds of the Underground Tour (2004) and having missed Progressive Nation 2008 back in May, my appetite for this show was huge.

    Though the local weekly events mags were promoting this as a show including four bands - Opeth / High on Fire / Nachtmystium / Baroness - that was actually incorrect. Baroness is not due to join this tour until October (a shame for us - good band), when Nachtmystium was originally scheduled to drop off. However, just a couple of days ago it was announced that Nachtmystium had to drop off the tour effective immediately "due to circumstances beyond their control." Chances are that was due to visa problems, since they were just coming back into the United States after playing a few shows in Canada before our show. Regardless, that left us with just HoF and Opeth.

    That was OK by me. I would have rather the opening slot been shared between Baroness and HoF. …