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  • Years Active

    2002 – present (15 years)

  • Founded In

    Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, United States

MARTYRVORE! Necrochrist (Guitars, JCM900, Vocals) and Gemini (Battery, Bass, JMP) entwined in the summer of 1999, on the eastern coast July, and became instant friends. Necrochrist had a vision for our noise as early as 1992, but needed the correct member to complete these ideas of digging up the graves of the primitive revolutionaries from the deep past. 2001 we began rehearsing in the 'north cabin' bunker, and quickly released HELL FUKK and NUCLEAR CARNAGE in 2002/03 on cassette format with Xerox covers. We had unearthed the corpse of Black Death metal officially. Where had all the blasphemy, filth, and increasing the speed of death gone to? Where was the stench of the unseen deity upon entering the ritual room? Such is life, and MARTYRVORE took the step to reanimate this with our third demo MAYHEMIC NUCLEAR SLAYER.

Again entering our portastudio (Analog 8-track), we engineered harder to create more abstract material, getting closer to the goal that was set out before us. WAR-ATTACK-DECIMATE was that end meeting where we nailed what would be our most intense, large, and rancid sounding offering to date. Again, recorded on 8 tracks, the captured sound was acute in its massiveness. Like the Rainstorms before it, this was truly a typhoon. Leviathan was stirring…. North Cabin Enterprises (Gemini's tape label) and Kill Your Self! Prod (Greece) decided to release all the demos onto one cassette, and on CD. Since it's release, many underground publications and fans received copies during a massive mail-order promotion. Years later, KYS! decided that 2009 would be the set date for it's vinyl pressing. Interest in the ever rolling juggernaut that is MARTYRVORE has increased since. At this point in the ritual, we stumbled on the idea to focus mainly on Natural Disasters: And mocking the victims. Noticing the links to these Satanic grips on earth, we began a full force work and did not stop our drawing from many sources. SATANIC ATTACK was recorded as a split with Cold Northern Vengeance on Cassette format.

The last record to be recorded in the 8 track studio, the sound was achieved much clearer, but, still with the same aggression and original 'spat' style vocals and churning guitars that our signature to Necrochrist. In a way, this was a newer period (2005-2006) for the MARTYROVRE… New Equipment was gotten, including a better recording desk and recorder, microphones, vintage METAL amps and speaker enclosures. With this, and a new deal with Old Cemetery Records (Usa), our side of the split with Witch Tomb (Boston) was viciously performed and critiqued in Spring 07. SCREAMING IN HEAVEN is the most easily accessible recording by MARTYRVORE as it's also the best produced. Our side was also released on black blank cassette tape, Xerox covers, via North Vabin for promotional use; to keep the spells storming in the Underground Satanic Networks. Calabozo (Spain) also used our track 'Death Hammer' recorded during the period for a great 12" Metal Compilation titled 'Liturgies of Sacrilege' At this time, the war machine of gear was moved from the 'north cabin' and into a rehearsal studio, where our first LP is being organized. We wanted our arsenal to be in a place not much different then 'Grave Hill Bunker' and the vibe that place must have given off. Early 2008, Necromancer Records (Germany) wanted to use MARTYRVORE for a 7" Split with Nocturnal Vomit. We wanted to keep it raw and obscure and analog, So, we abused our 8track machine one more time, before the constant methods of our abuse ceased it's working. The atmosphere on this 7 minute attack is derived from visions of a sublime black hole, and the eerie aura put to tape shows this… Die Todesrune Records (Spain) has allowed the death invoking disaster that is MARTYROVRE to join its ranks and better arm ourselves, and the world, to aid in the consistent deathplow that will eventually run us into extinction. Prepare for our coming LP album, as only the malignant miasma over our coffin will mark the conclusion. Enter your suffering.

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