• New Folk Sounds 119

    2 Oct 2008, 09:14 by JanViool

    Nu uit: nummer 119, oktober/november 2008

    Op de voorplaat:Billy Bragg

    Met artikelen over:
    Blowzabella, Balfolkfabriek, Cryptonique (Didier Laloy en Fabian Beghin), Lissa Schneckenburger, Martyn Bennett, Natacha Atlas, Dialectmuziek, Sois Belle, Jean Parlette, Little March

    Festivalrecensies: Gooikoorts, Afrikafestival Hertme, Sfinks Mixed, Folkwoods, Folkfestival Dranouter

    Cdrecensies: Gabriel Yacoub, Palio-Parea, Parne Gadje, Sois Belle, Natacha Atlas, Spiers & Boden, Annbjørg Lien, Ivo Papasov en veel veel meer.

    Nieuwtjes, foto's en de concertagenda voor Nederland en België.

  • some of my favourite/bestest/most godly musicians+songwriters and why

    1 Jul 2008, 22:59 by troutmasked

    1.Frank Zappa- this guy was pretty much a god. not only one of the best guitarists ever through his unique improvisation style and command of melody but also a great composer that could work with rock & jazz bands and even classical orchestras on the same level. the lyrics and themes too (especially with the first mothers of invention band) act as a great honest and funny social commentary. listen to Absolutely Free for a view on our ugly consumerist society which is as relevant today as when it first came out in the 60's.

    2.Roy Harper- a totally underrated songwriter and folk guitarist. he's definitely my favourite lyricist, kinda the english equivelant of bob dylan. he has all the similar poetic flare, whit, political observation and emotive power. for a folk singer/poet he's braught out some incredibly epic material, have a listen to the 17 minute long McGoohan's Blues or the Stormcock album in general.

    3.John McLaughlin- it wouldn't be an understatement to say this guy is THEE best guitarist ever ever. …
  • my all-time favorite musician (martyn bennett)

    20 Mar 2006, 09:04 by emceelynx

    i stumbled on martyns music a few years ago by accident and have recomended it to everyone i know with even the slightest interest in celtic music since. the way he fused ancient and modern is so pure, so simple, so perfect.... it's really beyond description. when he died it was like losing a dear friend, even though i had never met him or even seen him perform... i can't even really describe the sense of loss i felt.

    this man should have lived to be ancient and had the time he needed to see the musical revolution which he began grow to fruition, instead he was struck down by cancer last january (at the age of 34). the world has lost one of its greatest young musicians, and the tradgedy is compounded by the fact that so few people even know he existed. if you haven't listened to his music you need too, it will change you. everytime i hear his songs i'm motivated to sit down and write and to create, his death is a reminder that there's no way of knowing how much time any of us has…