• Jethro Tull. Часть IV: концертные ДВД

    10 Dec 2009, 17:38 by shodaua

    Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, John Evan

    1976 - Live at Tampa

    Участники: Ian Anderson / Martin Barre / John Evan / John Glascock / Barriemore Barlow / David Palmer

    Список песен: Quartet / Thick As a Brick / Wond'ring Aloud / Crazed Institution / Conundrum / To Cry You A Song / A New Day Yesterday / Bouree / Living In The Past / Too Old To Rock'n'Roll / Minstrel In The Gallery / Beethoven's 9th Symphony

    Отличный неофициальный концерт Джетро Талл, на котором на удивление нет традиционных концертных хитов Aqualung и Locomotive Breath, зато есть редкая Too Old To Rock'n'Roll. Собственно из-за нее я и выбрал этот концерт из десятка других похожих бутлегов. Но по-видимому концерты Талл - это такое интересное действо, что даже без особых хитов приятно и интересно за ним наблюдать. Вообще, судя по концертам, Джетро Талл были одной из главных роковых групп 70-х годов. Во всяком случае публика их воспринимает как очень больших звезд. …
  • seen live

    13 Apr 2008, 20:20 by krzyssaganski

    - 20.06.05 - Warszawa, Stodoła - Slipknot and Dillinger Escape Plan
    - 24.09.05 - Warszawa, Służewiec - Sting and Makowicki Band and Kayah
    - 13.05.07 - Warszawa, Proxima - Trivium/Annihilator
    - 13.06.07 - Chorzów, Stadion Śląski - Pearl Jam/Linkin Park and Coma
    - 25.07.07 - Warszawa, Służewiec - The Rolling Stones and Cockney Rebel and Tatiana Okupnik
    - 13.02.08 - Warszawa, Torwar - Korn and Flyleaf and Deathstars
    - 14.02.08 - Warszawa, Stodoła - Lady Pank
    - 26.06.08 - Chorzów, Stadion Śląski - The Police and Counting Crows
    - 14.08.08 - Gdynia, Skwer Kościuszki - Eric Clapton and Dżem
    - 06.09.08 - Warszawa, Plac Defilad, Orange Festival - Projekt "W hołdzie Tadeuszowi Nalepie" i Apollo 440
    - 06.12.08 - Warszawa, Ratusz Bemowo - T.Love
    - 28.01.09 - Warszawa, Hard Rock Cafe - Janusz Panasewicz
    - 09.02.09 - Warszawa, Stodoła - SBB
    - 17.04.09 - Warszawa, Stodoła - Lady Pank
    - 24.04.09 - Warszawa, Stodoła - Dżem
    - 25.04.09 - Warszawa, Amfiteatr Bemowo - Urszula
  • Treasure chest - Pop/Rock/Jazz - B -

    3 Apr 2008, 18:19 by AlexboyCO

  • Descobertas e Achados - parte I

    21 Oct 2007, 13:23 by Lucas_Rafael

    Estou pra escrever aqui faz muito tempo, e de lá pra cá acumulei muita coisa boa pra falar. O grandioso Symphonic Metal do Therion, o Rock meio Blues de um Martin Barre bem diferente do guitarrista do Tull, o Rock Progressivo de uma maravilhosa (e engraçada) banda mineira chamada Cartoon, o Folk Metal da banda russa Troll Gnet El, o Gothic Metal de Lacrimosa, o Jazz Fusion de Chick Corea com a banda Return to Forever, o Samba de Maria Rita em seu novo disco, o Post-Rock de Tortoise, o Prog dos argentinos do Crucis, o Tango também argentino de Astor Piazzolla, o Rock atual com cara de 70's de Witchcraft e, por fim, o Jazz dos grandes Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker e Art Blakey.
    Vou falar um pouco de algumas dessas bandas/músicos que venho ouvindo do último post pra cá.

    O Therion me foi apresentado por um amigo, amigo esse que nunca dá uma dica ruim!
    Fiquei impressionado com o som da banda, o instrumental muito bem executado, os vocais perfeitos, e o tom de grandiosidade que há em todas as músicas. …
  • Favourite guitarists

    8 Sep 2006, 19:14 by dr_shoganai

    Those are some of prog/classic rock guitarists that I, as occasional guitar player, respect the most:

    1.) Robert Fripp (King Crimson, solo) - if there is emphasis on invention, variability and musical discipline then Bob is easily the greatest and most exciting guitar player in rock history. Not only a phenomenal guitarist but also a decent musician and leader of the geatest rock band ever, IMHO of course. Yes, he may be sometimes eccentric as person but I share most of his views on life or people's behavior at concerts (such as, for example; smoking, drinking, uncontrolably screaming and other unhealthy habits).

    2.) Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis, ex-GTR, solo) - long ago known as enigmatic bearded guitarist for classical formation of Genesis. But I think that he realy started to show his full potential as highly creative musician when he began solo career. Afterwards he made some of the best albums in symphonic prog. A maestro of numerous guitar technics like finger tapping or pickering he is great persona as well.
  • Jethro Tull

    17 Feb 2006, 06:20 by gangstayoda

    My dad would listen to Jethro Tull a lot when I was a kid. I wonder exactly how many times I listened to the Original Masters cassette tape. Then a couple of years ago, I bought Thick as a Brick after reading that it was the most "progressive" effort of the band. It blew me away, and I listened to that cd repeatedly 2 years ago. Of course Aqualung is a classic as well, with great lyrics too. Ian Anderson is one of my most favorite singer/songwriters. Everyone acclaims him as a masterful flutist; I agree with them, but I think his prowess on the flute has tremendously helped his musical creativity in other aspects. When you listen to him sing, you can definitely tell that he plays flute as well, because of how his voice flows. His and Martin Barre's guitar work is great too. Barrieman Barlow is JT's best drummer imo. Just listening to him on Thick as a Brick is amazing. …