• Marillion in 013 - as good as ever...

    30 Nov 2011, 09:28 by stefkeB

    Tue 29 Nov – Marillion Christmas Show 2011 / UITVERKOCHT

    Yesterday, I experienced Marillion live, for the second time, in the same venue: 013 in Tilburg (Netherlands). While there were 10 years between the events, not so much has changed, apart from some brilliant albums, that is (especially Marbles).

    Steve Hogarth is wearing strange costumes, exotic MIDI controllers, acting silly, and with a crazy grin. While I don't really like to see his face when singing, his performance was as good as ever. Touching, funny, slightly disoriented and, above all, powerful, except for some of the really high notes.
    Steve Rothery stays one of the best guitar players. Not for the amount of notes or the most spectacular solo, but for his emotive, long, bluesy and smooth style, with some reminiscence of David Gilmour, especially because of the slide pick and the sustained and bended notes. I believe he lost some weight too.
    Mark Kelly was just smiling all the time. …
  • Marillion @ The Empire, Middlesborough, November 2005

    12 Jan 2008, 23:58 by queeniefox

    Simon is a star and drove us to Middlesborough. The approach on the A-road is incredible, like something out of Blade Runner. Huge chimneys and strange structures covered in lights, and a huge yellow moon really low in the sky. I love industrial landscapes at night. Middlesborough itself wasn't very exciting but it was very cold indeed so we retired to a pub called, delightfully, The Hairy Lemon (I really hope it's not some kind of innuendo) where I sat and had a rather unpleasant time because I felt as if I was going to be sick or faint. We left about five minutes before doors and there was a HUGE queue, much to our dismay. However, as Ellie said when we got in - never underestimate people's desire to go to the bar. We who didn't want to go to the bar ended up in the second row, with a rather good view of Pete, a patchy view of H, and bugger all view of anyone else. (It didn't occur to me until just now that I could see Mark Kelly's Ear of appearing on telly with Travis fame, hee!)

  • Marbles in the snow

    15 Dec 2007, 07:09 by fwpc

    Wed 12 Dec – Snow-where Else Tour 2007
    Since Marillion didn’t change the set list very much during the Snowhere Else Tour, I expected to hear the same songs on the second gig in Paradiso Amsterdam. But hey, who cares with such a beautiful line up of Marillion songs as we heard the day before?

    After the once again marvelous opening sequence of Brave (despite a very loud sound initially, especially a resonating bass), smoothly transferring into Fruit Of The Wild Rose, I expected Out Of This World. Instead, the first chords of Fantastic Place filled the vibrant venue.

    Maybe it was due to the place where I stood in the crowd, but both the band and the audience seemed even more warmed up than the evening before. Steve Rothery proofed also to be good at a kind of classic bluesy guitar playing in Fruit Of The Wild Rose. As the evening went along however, he made some rare little mistakes. Though this caused highly funny faces from both Rothers and Mark Kelly, so it didn’t matter anyway.
  • Marillion - KOKO, London - 28/01/2007

    3 Feb 2007, 08:43 by BinarySlave

    Well its finally done and dusted. After 15 years of waiting I finally pulled my finger out and went to a Marillion gig.

    The gig was held at the Koko club in Camden, London. I've been to London several times, but have never driven there. I got some advice from a few ppl in work, one of which suggested I drove to Reading and got the train from there. This seemed like a good compromise in not paying through the nose for a full train fare (£120!) but still not having to drive into the nightmare that is London. So thats what we did.

    I left my at place Midday, picked up my mate Leigh and we set on our way. We stopped for some (fast) food and were still in Reading for 3pm! 30 min wait for the train, and we were in Paddington for 4pm! superb!!! :)

    While we were waiting on the platform in Reading train station, I saw this guy wearing a Marillion bomber jacket. He must have been going to the gig aswell. Now I have never knowingly met another Marillion fan in my life, so it was surreal to say the least when I saw this guy. …