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  1. ex- Marie Chante Quelle Elle Telephone
    Marie Chante Quelle Elle Telephone was formed in 2008.

    Their music can be described as a combination of…

  2. Five-piece screamo band from Arkhangelsk and Novodvinsk (North of Russia). They started around the end of February 2009. Their first EP having…

  3. My son, my home and my tree was an experimental screamo band from Moscow, Russia. They formed in 2007 and released 2 demos and the self-titled…

  4. screamo from Kaluga, Russia

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  6. 1) Screamo/Hardcore band from Moscow (Russia).
    2008 - Kasatka - s/t

    The band split up in 2008.

    2) Grindcore/Fastcore band from Limburg…

  7. Fortochka ("Ventlight") was an emotional hardcore band from Omsk, Russian Federation.

  8. There are more than one projects named Pale Hands.

    1) Screamo band from St. Petersburg, Russia formed in 2012
    VK |BC | FB

    Пока я в силах…

  9. Dollores is an emo/rock band with female screaming vocals formed in 2010 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

    bandcamp: http://dollores.bandcamp.com/

  10. There are at least two bands called Minaret.

    Minaret is an emoviolence band from Moscow, Russia, which was formed in April 2011.


  11. Screamo band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Formed in 2012.

    Ruslan — guitar, vocal
    Artem — bass, vocal (The Homeless Is Dead, Minaret,…

  12. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do last.fm and yourself a favor. Fix your tags by putting the actual artist name in the artist field.…

  13. Russian screamo band from Saratov.

  14. Screamo/post-something band from Moscow

  15. In fall of 2009, 3 guys (Gary - guitar, Sasha - drums and Ed - bass) joined together to form the first screamo/post-rock band in Estonia. After…

  16. (2005 - present) Minsk, Belarus

    Group «You Are In My September!» was founded in Minsk in 2005, and initially (at ep 2006 Split with «Scream Into…

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  18. Screamo / post-hardcore band from Khabarovsk, Russia.


  19. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  20. Screamo band from Minsk, Belarus.

    * Demo (2013)
    * Молчание Маятника (EP) (2014)


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