• Reviews: Fresh Cuts from Japan, Cappablack, Cornelius

    17 Jan 2007, 02:15 by djgizmoe

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    Fresh Cuts From Japan

    I think it’s a fair assumption that many J-music fans began their obsession via anime or gaming. Admit it. Whether your gateway drug of choice was high-brow work by Geinoh Yamashirogumi or the uber-geeky Final Fantasy OSTs, you were hooked, and chances are it wasn’t long before you were on the streets selling your body to pay for overpriced import CDs, finally reaching rock-bottom in Japan itself, mainlining Merzbow and Masonna in sleazy Osaka live houses (okay, things are getting too autobiographical here). The savvy folks at know this, and start off their ‘J-indies for beginners’ compilation with semi-popular otaku-rockers Guitar Vader, a band best known stateside for its Dreamcast and X-Box soundtrack works. Once lured in though, you’re in unknown territory for the rest of Fresh Cuts. High points include the fuzzed-up garage rock of Rebel Action, and the very Chili Peppers-esque F. …