• MetalTalk.net reviews Marco Mendoza live

    8 May 2012, 21:15 by Yellowxander

    Michelle Nevill live review of...

    Marco Mendoza @ The Borderline, London, 2012.

    As I headed down to The Borderline on a Sunday night, I was really excited to see Marco Mendoza play his solo stuff. Yes, I have seen him play with Thin Lizzy, but his solo career is interesting to me as he does have a tendency to sway in and out of rock and spice things up with a bit of jazz and funk amongst other styles.

    Tonight Marco is supported by Raw Glory, a blues/rock band that I would love to see again. Their set tonight was made up of Bad Company and Free covers and they were executed perfectly.

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    Marco Mendoza
  • MetalTalk.net interviews Marco Mendoza

    28 Apr 2012, 10:31 by Yellowxander


    Marco Mendoza's passion for what he does shines through in a massive way, not just when he is performing his works of art on the stage but when you are lucky enough to be able to spend some time alone with him talking about what he loves most.

    We could have talked all night and probably would have done if the drum sound check hadn't cut our conversation slightly short just before Marco's London performance on Sunday night. And what a performance that was. You can read all about it when we publish our review later this week but in the meantime, here's a unique insight into the great man himself.

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    Marco Mendoza | Thin Lizzy | Lynch Mob
  • Gig Review: Thin Lizzy Monday 10th January O2 Academy, Leeds

    20 Jan 2011, 19:10 by clairecameron

    Lively rock and roll from Supersuckers kicks off the proceedings tonight, the laid back nonchalance accepted with the nodded head of a rock veteran crowd. Their gruff, humorous attitude paired with their love of holding their guitars aloft in salute makes them a warming opener for the super-group that is to follow.

    THIN LIZZY is illuminated in red lights and they are back, the unmistakable drive of ‘Are You Ready’ blasting out across the supportive throng. Straight away it is clear that the line up works, every man on the stage nailing his part and deservedly grinning! Scott Gorham and Vivian Campbell are the perfect partnership for the vital dual guitar lines, and they are on right on the money.

    ‘Waiting for an Alibi’ is tackled next and the bass stands out on this one; Marco Mendoza doing the dirty, funky line delicious justice. It is impossible not to grin in response to live music of this calibre, and the audience is behind the band from the start. …
  • Live For Tomorrow

    25 Jul 2007, 16:54 by ASi-BOHEM

    Marco MendozaLive For Tomorrowbohem

    ASi-BOHEM yılın albümünü gururla sunar.

    Bana göre bu yıl dinlediğim en güzel albüm. Hatta uzun zamandır bu kadar güzel bir albüm dinlemedim desem yalan olmaz. Prodüktörlüğünü benim için yaşayan bir Tanrı olan, Gitaristlerin gitaristi, dünyanın en yakışıklı adamı, en manyak müzisyeni, Mr.Big in son albümlerinde Paul Gilbert'ın yerine gitarları çalmış, Poison'da da bir albümde CC Deville'ın yerine gruba girmiş ve grubun davulcusunun karısını becerdiği için kovulmuş, bunun yanında solo albümleri ve aşağıdaki gibi yapımcılığını üstlendiği albümleri manyak olan Richie Kotzen üstlenmiş

    Marco Mendoza'nın ''Live For Tomorrow'' albümünden bahsediyorum. Kendisini John Sykes ve en çokta Twisted Sister grubunun basscısı rock camiasındaki lakabıyla ''Mark The Animal Mendoza'' olarak tanıyoruz.
    Bu hayvan abimiz, ayrıca Blue Murder'dan Soul Sirkus'a, başka bir çok grupta harika işlere imza atmış, en son Whitesnake kadrosuna girmiş ve geçen sene konsere…