• Recent scurryings of a Brit...

    6 May 2007, 15:58 by marshee

    Well, I'm bored so here is a journal about some recent stuff. (I used that word for you Gesine)

    Last Saturday, I went to Nailstock Festival with my dad, sister and her friends. It's a free festival and we mainly went to see the Leary Fairies play, but I also wanted to stay and get some photos for my photography project for School. I wanted to get some pictures of the stage lit up in the dark. The music, with the exception of the Leary Fairies wasn't inspiring during the day. It was all jazz, but the laidback style you expect in a cafe, not suited to music festivals, so it wasn't really good. However as the last Jazz band just finished playing at about 19:00, my sister and her frineds (namedrop: athene_noctua) decided they were cold and tired and still suffering from a hangover from the previous night, so we had to go early before I could take my photos. Not happy!

    Anyway, I drowned my sorrows of that by purchasing tickets to see Malajube and Johnossi in the next 3 weeks, and I'm also considering seeing Thirteen Senses
  • Gig Review

    4 Dec 2006, 20:54 by marshee

    Review for: 03 Dec – Mando Diao, Dirty Pretty Things, Larrikin Love

    Yesterday, I went to see Dirty Pretty Things, Mando Diao, and Larrikin Love, and I have to say, it was the best gig I've been to. It beat Hakan Hellstrom, and Muse, despite the fact that the music quality wasn't that great (as usual in smaller venues). I think it beat Muse mainly because I wasn't ill, I was in a good mood, having spent a great day in London with a friend, who I fanally persuaded to come to the concert with me.

    The concert itself was great. It was opened by Larrikin Love, who are much better live than on CD, though still not something I'll listen to. They really got the crowd going, which suprised me being the first band. They played a very short setlist (about 30 minutes I think), but still got me dancing by the second song. During the break between Larrikin Love and Mando Diao, I got talking to some other fans of them nearby, half of whom were German (Suprise! Suprise!) and talked in general about Mando Diao, and how they got to know the band. …
  • Sweden's finest: Mando Diao in Vienna, Austria, 16.11.06

    19 Nov 2006, 12:46 by holo17

    Hey hey.

    I'm usually not a big fan of going to concerts of the same band twice. But shows by some of my favourite bands may of course be viewed as an exception, and, as in the case of Mando Diao, I'm glad I have two Mando-fanatic friends who, some months ago, convinced me to come and see this band in Vienna for the second time (it was the third time all in all, but the second one was this year's FM4 Frequency festival, which was amazing, but can hardly count as a regular show).

    So, our first task was to leave Ljubljana at 13 o'clock and get to Vienna on time to catch the opening bands, Julia (which we only knew little about) and Johnossi (who are the most amazing two-member band since Two Gallants). The show was starting at 19.30. Everything was working out quite fine until we arrived in the foggy and overcrowded Vienna. We had a map and a description of the way, but of course we missed the first highway exit we were supposed to take. So, clever as we are, we took the very next one and decided to take on the way on our own. …
  • General Points

    29 Aug 2006, 10:25 by marshee

    This post will once again be a big summary of the several things I've been planning to write about, but not managed so far: a review of Mando Diao's new album, new music discovered, comments about the site, and a bit about me for personalistaion.

    PART 1: Mando Diao'S NEW ALBUM

    OK, here we go... so the band Mando Diao (My favourite band) has released a new album in Japan and Germany, and it is due to come out in Sweden on the 6th September, a reason of great annoyance to me, which I will touch apon again in another part of this post later on. This means that I thought I had to order it from Germany, Switzerland, or America. All choices of which would cost £15 including p&p. I am suprised that ordering from Amazon US was the cheapest option as it was the German import version, however I am not willing to wait for up to 36 days for it to arrive. This means I tried "shopping around", and through froogle I found that I could get it in the UK for £8. …