• Madviolet at The Artery

    3 Mar 2007, 12:30 by sentience

    When the name MacIsaac (as in Ashley MacIsaac) leapt out at me in the email newsletter of The Artery, a local arts venue, I found myself reading it for the first time in months. A quick Google revealed that Madviolet's Lisa MacIsaac was indeed the sister of my favourite grungy, virtuoso fiddlesmith from Cape Breton in Canada. I noted the date down and made plans to give them a listen.

    Later that same day, while standing in line for movie tickets, a sign posted in the window of the Borders book store next door leapt out at me. Canadian folk duo Madviolet. Free accoustic set. 2pm Saturday. It must've been meant to be.

    The in-store appearance was richly appreciated, if sparsely attended, and occasionally interrupted by the coffee shop's blender. It was enough to get Jess and I along to the show at The Artery that night.

    The evening show was opened by local singer/songwriter Tonchi with his acoustic guitar (adeptly, if oddly, accompanied by hardworking beatboxer MC JAEZED). …