• Music, books, and everything nice (no not Borders)

    26 Sep 2006, 21:38 by hellonancy

    Music, , and everything nice.

    So here's the deal: you like music (otherwise you wouldnt be here, reading this anyway), and you happen to really enjoy reading as well. This happens, most music junkies i know of have tons of books lying on their Ikea shelves at home.

    What you should do next, is grab a piece (or a bunch, depending on your needs) of paper and record the title of the books you've read. If you are someone as disgustingly self-indulgent as i am, you may even include illustrations or personal thoughts.

    The interesting part starts here, when you try to map the book to a song.

    Endless hours of mind-boggling fun follows as you try to give a sound (voice, whatever) to the said book(s). You are excited right? This is the best idea since garbage trucks. For now you can see some examples from my list (the excruciating details are 'casually' omitted).