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Do what thou ,the wilt shall be the whole of the law
love is the law,hate under will

for understanding the whole of the system,the critic the analysis of all 'isms'
choose the masonic vision
-all vision connected to the cosmos, the universe

the first element,that we saw in the process was religion
-with the processing of religion paradigms and we try to pass the inner duality of religion
-means we have crossed the border of masionic world and hence understand our system
-we cross 2 elements namely Christ and anti Christ
similar to yin and yang symbols in taoism
-we need to know about the semeology and symbology of the present times ,all the cross types,star types,colors of energy
myths of evil or good,symbol of animals representing good.evil
also signs of immortality and magic
-we learn abt old testament with the hermeneutical critic
and to compare the numerology knowledge with old and ancient script,try to decode the ancient script for the modern numerology

based on the above experiment,i began to study the folklore,the traditions,classical and the ancient music of many of the middle eastern countries
suddenly found mysticism which i used as my foundation and this foundation was ancient,however we try to merge this foundation based on the past ,into a weapon of the new era and formed something called dark metal
the characteristic of this dark metal isnt anti feminism
ex.female and male vocals brings together a terrible sadness,which makes a different definition to ying and yang very diff to the 1 we talked abt in the beginning

all of us know that feminism came to the general pubic from the 20th century
we are trying to make pure feminity but not on the romantic side
but a concept which is understandable and acceptable 2 every1
-to explain pure feminity,at the shape of laprima material(divine breathing,just the way the earth breathes,or the first initial material which was chemistry,the science of converting a stray metal to gold
-dark metal can help us understand how damp and dirty mud can be converted to gold(laprima material
-in fact we are composed of othe main material as a feminine mythology,just like the goddesses with dark garments and the make up and long hair and this feministic approach killed at the hand of all male gods,as was the case in Marduk and tiamat
-now were expressing the feministic material which was once suppressed ,sacrificing our male souls
also the lotus grows amongst dirty and spoilt water and this is what helps that beautiful flower
-we are all the children of that rose who will never wear out or

after completing my graduation,i started my journey as a researcher to many ancient lands to study ancient culture,make lectures and organize management of some human resource,during the cabala(jewish mysticism)AND I graft all my research and compare with the tree of life
in the process i see the paradox between the new research and old culture,but whenever we are gettin in2 more research we come across the unity,
i add the oppositions as a single metal layer
which i termed MOGH ,our ancient vehicle born in pagan lands
to achieve this goal we started to form an art group,related to music ,conceptual art,making short films and small professional research team ,devoted to theater as well

the existence of behemoth in ancient books cannot letus to represent ourselves as romantic or tragic
we are pagans,who foll,w the black flame of the fire on hell,to capture immortality

we should never forget Lucifer who brings the light to us ,to understand the meaning of light which is the shadow of power.

-im so happy because im living in the golden age of khali yug.and can see people confusion maya with enlightenment,which adds to the chaos which has been created by seas of fake thoughts around us
-hence we try for a solution within us for the understanding of masionic duality and we arrive to a mysticism circle and we analyze all the old testament book with the chart of tree of light and finally make the black metal which is epic
esoteric knowledge

Mogh is an artistic group in trance modernism conceptual style(An art form where traditional values are equally important as certain paradigms and tools in the modern life), with the concept of Cybernetic war, and with black magic that starts to destroy the systems. This is not a band at all, because it does not rule anything but THELEMA. Some MASTERs call me “The Destroyer”. In fact the main job of a destroyer is to realize the gap of systems and to set bombs, hidden and individually. At the present situation that the year 2012 is not far away from us, I am focusing on all systems that we are dealing with, such as governments, religions, and groups. I need to form a black army in order to make this movement real. An army in which members would have sword in one hand, and gun in other hand. To destroy the paradigm of power in the order of the universe is under my theory. There is no hope in order to make the general peace and global connection. By facing towards the end of the art and creativity, we find a new installation that is the foundation of Mogh. The genre is Mystic Folk Pagan Black Metal (Trance modernism conceptual). The lyrics are patented, and the language is mostly in both Jebrish and Enochian. The producing is all done by me.

At the end, if anyone is interested to get involve into the mentioned army, email me, so to sign the bloody agreement.
By entering to this organization, you must accept the physical death, and to be part of the extreme black- bloody world.
You are welcome to give your comment ,but dont play any fucking badass.

Mogh, the project was formed on 06.06.06 in the paganic lands of India by myself Magus khoan faustoos crowley who is the only member involved and would be disbanded in 2012.

I was assigned this project as my duty, my responsibility by Life and i abide by the same to achieve my goal till death.


Vendetta (2006)
01-VENDETTA, 9:26
02-HEYDAR, 11:44
04-Y H V H, 10:27
05-The salvation crusade, 7:08

Desperate Existence (2007)
01-I've had no spring, 9:51
02-Disobedience, 10:00
04-NIEDERLAGE, 14:43

1.Unparadoxablelessness (12:07)
2.Irremediable (6:59)
3.Perses achaemenian wisdom (6:55)
4.Aghorymehrbaba (10:27)
5.Abracadabra (8:18)
6.Nabaradari Nabarabari (7:00)

1.Get lost islam from paganland (10:39)
2.Kali Yuga Bizarre (8:39)
3.Sarmad (4:36)
4.Inner Silence (15:07)
5.End of nothingness (5:42)
6.1=10 (6:57)

Allhu Asghar 2009
1.Allaho Asghar (2:47)
2.Black Spell Of Destruction (5:29)
3.Desperate Existance (5:22)
4.Ey Lashgare Saheb zaman (9:27)
5.Funeral of Destruction (10:54)
6.Live In Battle of The Bands(bonus) (12:54)

Danse in blood (2009)
01-iran e man(my bloody iran) 9:18
02-raghs e khun(blood dance) 4:09
03-totem e moghadas(holy totem) 4:22

False Hood Master Piss 2010 (LIVE)

01_kafiristan Enochiana (10:15)
02_Zurvan Akarana-Nomina Arcana (14:01)
03_baphomet march of the goats (9:18)
04_killing gene's in hijaz (10:15)
05_Om-rab-mag airyana-vaejah (11:36)
06_Mother fars (9:33)
08_Malek tavoos (8:17

khaen خائن (live)(34.40) (2011)
1.part of no part (9:21)
2. We are one we are none (8:42)
3. Joft pooch جفت پوچ (11:40)
4.khaen خائن (anti Khomeini, anti hokumat, anti akhund, anti emam, anti namard) (4:57

Islam Is Dead Split 2012 mogh & coldcry (49:25)
1 Allahu Asghar (2:47)
2 Desperte Existance (5:22)
3 Get Lost Islam From Paganland (10:39)
4 Ey Lashgare Saheb Zaman (9:27)
Cold Cry
5 Hidden Grudge (4:04)
6 Cold Forest (4:00)
7 Be Afride Of Aryan Blood (9:26)
8 Eternal Desire (3:40)

MOGH & neh czneg(2012) (Split) MNC 59:08
1. MOGH _ Holy Totem 04:42
2. MOGH _ Ey Lashgare Saheb Zaman 09:27
3.MOGH _ Niederlage 14:43
4.NEH CZNEG _ Einleitung 01:02
5.NEH CZNEG _ Unheil in wiederkehr 05:44
6.NEH CZNEG _ In trümmem 12:56
7. NEH CZNEG _ Ascheregen 10:34

MOGH(2012)killing genes in hijaz (live)EP (54:02)

01 killing genes in hijaz live mc kies (09:50)
02 killing genes in hijaz live el patrao (10:15)
03 killing genes in hijaz live gas chamber (03:03)
04 killing genes in hijaz live metalabad (04:49)
05 killing genes in hijaz live shaman cafe (07:14)
06 killing genes in hijaz live elefenta cafe (02:12)
07 killing genes in hijaz live banhof (13:23)
08 killing genes in hijaz live station (03:12)

mogh - THEND APOCALYPSE OF HUMAN RACE 2012 live album
01 thend (overtour) (06:42)
02 Blood Bender Breathing (17:53)
03 khaen (13:14)
04 Wanderer (15:51)

MOGH-burn your local mosque (2012)(live album)(60.00)
01 Mogh - Sacrilegious in silence (09.28)
02 MOGH - Un Perishable Samendar Of Sarmoung (05.36)
03 Mogh - Black Metal Ist Krieg (17.05)
04 MOGH _ burn your local mosque (18.11)
05 MOGH - sabzsepidsorkh (03.00)
06 Mogh - MY FUNERAL (07.54)

MOGH - 666 jahre 2013 live album (36,16)
01 666 Jahre (overtour) (02:11)
02 killing genes in hijaz (03:15)
03 khaen (07:28)
04 Wanderer (09:19)
05 Angra Mainyu (04:26)
06 Blood Bender Breathing (09:34)

2013 live album (35:02)

01 AVE SATANI devilution (overtour) (01:48)
02 Blood Bender Breathing (11:50)
03 khaen (08:33)
04 Wanderer (08:35)
05 Angra Mainyu (04:14)

MOGH(2013)SACRIFICE THE SYMBOLS live album demo
01 Wanderer (18:15)
02 Blood Bender Breathing (14:19)
03 Puraithoi Eyes Of Kappadocia (12:42)
04 Abramelin The Mage Ritual (31:02)
05 Thaumaturgic Chauvinist (25:18)
06 Eblis Abr E Siyah (17:05)
07 Angra Mainyu (03:53)
08 Thirsty For Anunnaki Royal Blood (21:32)
09 wisdom of ordeal (10:12)
10 Dokhtar e Buyerahmadi (09:22)
11 Yiddish (03:07)
12 Khaen (12:59)
13 killing genes in hijaz (07:02)

The Essence of the word 'Mogh'.

In the begining of the human history, the people belonging to the Aryan family formed groups,called Mogh.They were the ones who advised and guided the kings and , who had the potential of being the gods but preffered to stay hidden as the serpents.Their speciality being magic and mystic, fortune telling, astrological concepts along with esoteric topics.Moghs are volunteers of Zurvanism.The word Magic is actually derived from the word Mogh,which later changed to Magus, Magi and now Magic.Magi (plural of Old Persian magus a wise man from the verbal root meh great; cf Sanskrit maha; cf Avestan mogaha, Latin plural magus, Greek magos, Persian mogh, Pahlavi maga)
An hereditary priesthood or sacerdotal caste in Media and Persia. Zoroaster, himself a member of the Society of the Magi, divides the initiates into three degrees according to their level of enlightenment: the highest were referred to as Khvateush (those enlightened with their own inner light or self-enlightened); the second were called Varezenem (those who practice); and the third, Airyamna (friends or Aryans). The ancient Parsis may be divided into three degrees of Magi: the Herbods or novitiates; the Mobeds or masters; and the Destur Mobeds or perfect masters – the "Dester Mobeds being identical with the Hierophants of the mysteries, as practised in Greece and Egypt" (TG 197).


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