• ShockPop's First Annual Pillbugs Marathon, a play list

    18 Jan 2010, 19:29 by adolph33

    January 17, 2010
    ShockPop's First Annual Pillbugs Marathon

    A big heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone who tuned in
    and hung out in chat during the marathon.
    And a extra big "THANK YOU" to Davey Murnen,
    Pillbug extraordinaire, for being the chatroom for almost
    the entire 10+ hours! You rock, man!

    (Here is what 10+ hours of Pillbugs looks like - in reverse playing order)
    The Pillbugs - In The End (You're Moving On)
    the pillbugs - Goodnight To Babylon
    The Pillbugs - Illuminating Drink (original jam)
    The Pillbugs - Milkmans Wife
    Mark Mikel - Girl In The Window
    Pillbugs - Play the Hear Back
    Mark Mikel - Passage of Eternity
    The Pillbugs - Al Gabone
    Mark Mikel - Lovesick
    the pillbugs - Pretend You're Not Home
    Mark Mikel - Can't Dream You Anymore
    the pillbugs - Son Of Shirley
    Mark Mikel - Idiot Smiles
    the pillbugs - Might As Well Fly To The Moon
    Mark Mikel - 2010 Anthem
    Pillbugs - Do You Really Want to Go to the Center of the Sun?
  • ShockPop play list, December 13, 2009

    14 Dec 2009, 14:48 by adolph33

    ShockPop play list, December 13, 2009

    Plump, juicy tuneage and great bunch of folks in the chat room!
    What a Sunday!

    These amazing artists dropped by to say "Howdy" during todays show!
    Pete from The Big I Am! James from Billy Two Shoes!
    Patrick Druex! John Evans! Wim Oudijk! Phil Hartley!
    Duggy from Air Biscuits! Pete from Cult Of Wedge! Maxi Dunn!
    Luisa and Fabrizio from SoundSerif! Laurie Biagini!
    Franck from The Chiltons! and last but not least, Tim Anthony!
    Get well soon, Tim!

    (Please forgive me if I'm forgetting anyone as I'm typing this from memory)

    Thanks to all of you and to everyone else who tuned in and chatted with us!
    I can't do this without ya'll!

    Today's featured artist was
    Dan Whitehouse and I urge you
    to check out his three debut EPs and befriend him! This man knows how to create something special!

    1. Fluid Ounces - Lend Me Your Ears (2:54)
    2. Dan Whitehouse - Somewhere I Don't Want to Go (4:34)
    3. The Silent Years - Taking Drugs at the Amusement Park (3:26)
  • ShockPop! Playlist December 28, 2008

    28 Dec 2008, 19:42 by adolph33

    Today I started the countdown of all the great artists I play on ShockPop!
    It's an alphabetical, genre confused, salute to ShockPop perfection!

    Here's what you missed!

    All Night Chemists - Fine With Me
    Automat - Found Again
    Big Smith - Burn Down The House
    Billy Two Shoes - The River Coming Home
    Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears - Imitation Of The Sky
    Captain Wilberforce - Born Again Brand New Man
    Chewy Marble - Inside Our Head
    Class Three Overbite - Chasing The Rabbit
    Cliff Hillis - Ought To Know
    Cloud Cult - Must Explore/Journey Of The Featherless
    Cloud Eleven - Blue Butterfly
    Dark Captain Light Captain - Miracle Kicker
    David Mead - Mojave Phone Booth
    Dusty Rhodes and the River Band - Dear Honey
    echolyn - Best Regards
    Euan Hinshelwood - Actors and Actresses
    Fast Food Junkies - The Dream
    Great Lakes Myth Society - Steal Her Rainbows
    Happydeadmen - Ralph de Bricassart
    John Hoskinson - She's Changing My Mind
    Josh Fix - Rock And Roll Slut
  • ShockPop! Playlist December 21, 2008

    21 Dec 2008, 19:57 by adolph33

    Four shopping days til Christmas - and I gave you all these great ideas for stocking stuffers! My gifts for you via ShockPop! You shoulda been there....

    1. The Merrymakers - Sad
    2. Mike Viola - Too Much Going On
    3. The Rooks - Christmas
    4. Thisway - One Day
    5. The Virgineers - Dr. Glouster
    6. Pop Archeology Transmission - She Blew It Like A Kiss
    7. Cloud Cult - That Man Jumped Out The Window
    8. Billy Two Shoes - The River Coming Home
    9. Spinning Jennies - Three Minus One
    10. MARK MIKEL - You've Got the Moves
    11. Class Three Overbite - Show The World
    12. Josh Fix - What's The Point
    13. Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart - Festival Of Slights
    14. The Sugarplastic - Transworld Modal Operator
    15. Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue
    16. The Heavens - Echo Serena
    17. The Liverpool Echo - Seems Like Today Will Never End
    18. echolyn - The Cheese Stands Alone
    19. John Hoskinson - Creepy
    20. Pop Archeology Transmission - Emperor Reversed
    21. All Night Chemists - No Reason
  • ShockPop! Playlist November 30, 2008

    30 Nov 2008, 23:48 by adolph33

    Today's ShockPop! was easy to schedule.

    I picked one LP from the 70s and one CD from the 90s and played them uninterrupted from end to end. Here's what you missed....

    Hour One:
    Stackridge's "Friendliness" (1972)
    Excellent from start to finish!

    Hour Two:
    MARK MIKEL's "Sorghum Pudding" (1993)
    Most superlative from first note to last!

    A wonderful time was had by all!

    Oh, and I had time at the end so I added one shot of Billy Two Shoes
    for good measure! ("Nursery Gin")

    I hope to see you next Sunday at Noon on
    for another stellar line-up of fantastic tunes!

  • Mark Mikel

    6 Aug 2008, 06:29 by musicianatheart

    'sbeen a while since I've posted here, yeah? just haven't really had anything to say, I guess. for like two years. idek.

    anyway, tonight I was down in maumee at the village idiot, where MARK MIKEL was playing a show. was pretty awesome, even if that place attracts a strange crowd. I'm pretty used to strange people, anyway. from what I heard him tell someone else after the show, he plays down there every tuesday, so I figure I should try and go down there again sometime. it's not like maumee is that far away.

    then tomorrow is jazz night down in BG, so I'll definitely make an appearance. been meaning to go down and see mary sometime this week anyway. and then wednesday I guess I'm going to see Bo Bice? Daddy said he was playing and asked me if I wanted to go, though I haven't heard anything about it since. I'll have to call him tomorrow. it's a strange week. strange but good.
  • NPR's "Second Stage" features The Pillbugs - Here's to the End of Time

    3 Mar 2008, 15:25 by adolph33, February 5, 2008 - The Pillbugs describe themselves as the most "psychedelic band in the world." A quintet from Toledo, OH, the band's music is reminiscent of The Beatles circa 1967, complete with sitars, drones and sweeping guitar riffs. The Pillbugs' new album, Monclovia, sounds like it's from another time, but not at all dated. It's a heartfelt effort paying a respectable homage to classic rock and psychedelia.

    Monclovia is a compilation of music from The Pillbugs' 10 years together. But it includes two entirely new songs. "Here's to the End of Time" features a sitar riff right out of the George Harrison catalog, and a thumping, Paul McCartney-esque bassline. The warm tenor of Pillbugs singer MARK MIKEL could be mistaken for John Lennon. It's an intentional and fitting tribute.

    The band has been through a lot in its decade together. Bassist Mark Kelley was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer in 1999. The band soldiered on. Kelley, although unable to talk, can still play bass.