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Mantits began in 1999, as the world was ending. Mantits ended (or did he?) in 2005. The-artist-formerly-known-as-Mantits now plays, writes, and sings for 'Pretend You're Happy.'

Mantits was originally somewhere between a dark sarcastic joke and a desire for unapologetic personal expression, not expected to do much more than write a few ludicrous 'folk' songs (by until then a spazzcore-punk and not-a-metal-band song writer) on cheap cassettes. As time went on and the masses responded with unbounded praise and admiration, 'Tits kept writing and playing, eventually going on to record two full-length CDs, and a split with Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains. Finally he broke up, due to existential torment at the impossibility of singing humanity quickly into a different state of consciousness, in order to avoid self-imitation, and so that he could escape from the excruciating inner tension he felt between his 'the sky is the limit' taking-seriously-ness regarding the Mantits project vis-a-vis his overwhelming disgust for music/social/status scenes. About a year later he released a collection of b-sides-and-outtakes called 'quit while you're ahead.'

Mantits was always a plea for unapologetic personal expression, littered with dark sarcastic reflections on 'the-human-condition' and 'the-postmodern-world.' It is nothing else if not part folk, part punk.

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