• My Year In Lists - Favourite artists of 2009

    29 Dec 2009, 15:33 by eartle

    My favourite artists of the year in no particular order.

    Slow Club
    I only knew a few of these guys' songs, Me And You, Because We're Dead, and Christmas TV, and I liked what I'd heard when I was listening to them one day and I decided to see if they were touring and they were playing at Scala that night! It turned out to be my favourite gig of the year. They came out and played Wild Blue Milk in the middle of the audience and I was standing right next them (proof). The rest of the gig continued to be quite special as they pulled on heartstrings with their beautiful songs and amused us between songs with their lovable charm. I bought their album Yeah So at the gig and, although it didn't live up to how they were live, it grew on me and has become one of my favourites of the year. I will certainly listen to songs such as When I Go, I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream, and Sorry About The Doom for a long time to come. Go see them live, if you get the chance!

    Los Campesinos!
  • Pre-Screening: M. Ward

    31 Jan 2009, 01:15 by JohnCa55illo

    The following appears on my music blog, Animal Noises- feel free to check it out.

    Album: Hold Time
    Artist: M. Ward
    Label: Merge
    Due Out: February 17th

    Bright must be the new black. In what has already been a very notable year for music, M. Ward's latest effort, Hold Time, is already standing tall, much due to its bright and personal nature. In past years, it has seemed that a more distant and subdued sound was what the best albums were made of, but so far in 2009, we've seen a clear departure from this tendency. What has caused it? Perhaps the current economic times are making artists try to focus on the more pleasant and simple aspect of life. Maybe it's reflective of renewed optimism. One can't know for sure, but it is indeed, welcome.

    Hold Time starts with the aptly named For Beginners, a great mood setting piece about the search for, and discovery of, religion. …