• Lb4Lb#4: Where There's Smoke There's Fire and Trouble

    26 Jun 2008, 05:58 by tadmaster

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Arizona, and I state for the record: I'll take 99.9 F° in Phoenix over 85 in Baltimore ANY time. When they say "it's a dry heat", they ain't kiddin'.

    But now we're back, and the settling in process can begin: buying groceries, finishing chores that were left hanging (like blogging and posting music journals), and trying to absorb our fortnight of adventure. This includes, of course, scrobbling the 294 tracks played as we drove all over the Grand Canyon state, and ripping the CDs purchased and - so far - unscrobbled.

    Great trip, full of music and family and food, and lots of driving. The lovely bride allowed me to pick up the new Weezer (Pork and Beans seemed to be the theme song of the trip), and the recent Lyle Lovett (It's Not Big It's Large), which impressed both my father and my 5-year-old daughter with both Up In Indiana and Up In Indiana (Acoustic Version).

    To visit the Grand Canyon, we borrowed my aunt's cabin, which wasn't far from the famed Route 66