• Some albums i like part 15: Goth is dead

    5 Jan 2007, 19:15 by geheza

  • French "melodic" metal scene

    3 Mar 2006, 02:35 by MelonMan1981

    France is not known for being a great metal country. That's true. But nevertheless, there are many great "melodic" (*) metal bands in this country (which happens to be mine lol). For those who are interested, I've listed the main French "melodic" metal bands that I know and love/like. Of course, there may be others that I don't mention here, I surely don't know them all... :p

    >> (*) By melodic, I mean "heavy, power, progressive, gothic, folk and melodic death/black"... It's just a word to put all those metal genres I like in a nutshell, so you won't find any "true" thrash/black/death/hardcore metal bands here as I'm not really into this kind of music. <<


    Heavenly: If you love Helloween, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call or Angra... you will like this energic and melodic band too! Created in 1994, this speed power metal band has released 3 great albums (Coming from the Sky…