• Two things

    25 Feb 2007, 15:38 by rootee

    Number 1: Lukas Haas has a band. My childhood crush from that senseless movie Mars Attacks has a band. He used to play with Vincent Gallo and now apparently he plays piano for some other group. Or maybe he goes solo? I don't know. I simply found the news amusing. And hilarious, for some reason or the other. Lukas Haas has a band.

    Number 2: Good Lord, José González will be in Singapore at the 11th of March! This is the closest we could ever be and so why oh why did I have to find out about this tour just now?

    I should go. Really I ought to. Especially after I just found out that Jaga Jazzist and The Album Leaf and Yo La Tengo will be playing in the same festival!

    But the timing is wrong. Painfully wrong.