• concretedonkey's audio equipment and vinyls

    31 Jul 2009, 19:47 by concretedonkey

    Equipment used to play vinyls: Pro-ject Carbon with the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, generic Kenwood amplifier, Tannoy Revolution 8XT floor speakers (pictured below), Rega fono MM pre-amplifier.

    My computer comes equpped with an old Soundblaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card and foobar2000 is used for playback. Lossless (FLAC) is the norm in 'ere, although 1/3 of my digital music collection is still in mp3. I also have a spinclean for manual cleaning of the vinyls. Pain in the arse. Vinyl records are not likely to be scrobbled to last.fm. Gone are the compulsive days of early adulthood and nights with Universal Scrobbler.

    My iPod 4g nano is the last of its kind that is able to scrobble. The sound quality is pretty bad, when compared to newer models. It's good for gym, though. Earphones - AKG K32something (the text is kinda worn out).

    Planned upgrades: Ortofon 2M black cartridge, Synthesis Flame amplifier, proper biwire speaker cables. …
  • Homo mensura... (?)

    28 Nov 2007, 12:40 by Epitymbidia

    Well, if you take a look, even a not very close one, just at the surface so to speak, through users' journals and group discussions etc, you will discover that there seems to be one thing that nearly everyone does, did or surely soon will do: Questionnaires. Any version of a music quiz asking questions like "where did you hear band X for the first time" or "what's your favourite song by artist Y" etc.

    I always refused making something like that. On the one hand because it is only to help people to represent their taste as fast as possible, and on the other hand because the questions are just coincidental... "Of course they are", one could say, but nevertheless I would think the whole affair to be more meaningful if I would consider myself, concerning which group or which artist I would like to ask which question...
    The other important reason for me not to make it was the fact that my whole profile wasn't really representative for my musical preferences. …