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  1. Mars (マーズ)

    Vocal : YOSHI
    Guitar: 雪乃
    Bass: 臣示
    Drums: AKIAKI

    japanese rock, visual kei band from late 90's and early 00's

  2. eze:quL was an indies visual kei band, active from 1999/03/**-2001/05/**.

    Eze:quL was a fairly unknown band during their time.

    The golden year for…

  3. Kar'Maria were a visual-kei band signed to Eternal, a sub-label of the prominent visual-indies label Matina. They joined the label sometime in March…

  4. Allegory Pill was a Visual Kei band who were called Lanus Dune, but changed their name to Allegory Pill at the end of 2003, they disbanded in 2005.…

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  6. Status : disbanded (2000-200x)

    Guitar→Vocal: Tsukasa
    (→Velze Dieulawahl→-People-(京介)→Mr.unknown)
    Guitar: Kenshin

  7. Vocals: Saya
    Guitar: 未散 - Michiru
    Guitar: 英蔵 - Hidezou
    Bass: 和矛 - Kazutake
    Drums: 大城 - Hiroki

  8. Vocals - 華結 (ex. Beata and later in diabolica)
    Guitar - 依織 (Later in Mareli and ドーリスマリィ)
    Guitar - 叶恋 (ex.DOZΣ and later Mareli and ドーリスマリィ)

  9. Vice†risk was a visual kei band from Japan. They were active from 2000 to late 2001 and broke up over disagreements.

    Last Known Line-up


  10. Agnus∻Dei where made up of Tonny(later 零) on vocals, CLIA guitar, 摩修 bass and Lovyn drums. Information on them is hard to come by, but they…

  11. Allure Idea was a visual kei band on the Matina label. Formed in 2000.


    Vocal: 神羽(Kanwa)
    Guitar: 暁 (Aki)
    Guitar: 朱莉 (Shuri/Syuri)
    Bass: 雫…

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  13. Members:
    Vocal 熾乃舞→シノブ シノブ →feo crear→Sinkro→
    Guitar コウヘイ コウヘイ →Sinkro→査~マルサ~
    Guitar 纏→ひさし マトイ→ヒサシ Rougir La Neige(麗夜)→Sinkro→
    Bass 纏→リュウジ…

  14. Deadly Sanctuary was a visual kei duo, with a lot of punk influences.

    Deadly Sanctuary were formed in May of 2001 by 弥生 (Yayoi) & 優雅 (Yuuga) and…

  15. Years active: 1995-1999

    Vocal … KAZUKI
    → CANARY → 凛廻! → Rinne

    Bass … 紫乃 (now ユーゼ)
    → LA VALLIÉRE → CANARY → Vice†Risk → La'miss†fairy(紫乃) →…

  16. Members:
    Vocal - 嘩月 →眩~MEMAI~暈(IBITSU)→Veill→Quarry→
    Guitar - KAZU→和 →Veill→
    Bass - 美華 →Veill→眩酔
    Drums - 瀞蘭 →RENASIS→Veill→Ash(瀞欄)→RusHサポート→CRAZY…

  17. Mëbíus was a Japanese visual kei band that formed in July of 2000. They were signed with Matina, and released two demotapes and three CDs…

  18. This is an incorrect artist tag for GARDEN.

  19. De San Andres formed in 2000. That year, the group released two demos, "Eve to Adam to... (イヴ「ト」アダム「ト」...)" and one untitled demo, and garnered a…

  20. 弥叉 (Misa) formed in December, 2000. Disbanded on April 22, 2006.

    Last Member Line-up:

    Vo. 妖芽 (Ayame) → Dear Bitch
    Gu. 真婀咲 (Maasa) → 般 若(サポート) →…


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