• LAR is my life!

    17 Dec 2011, 12:33 by RalphLAR

    Love Amongst Ruin
    Love amongst ruin is since nearly one year my life!
    I heared the first album and i loved it!
    Steve Hewitt war the drummer with Placebo and he is absolutely fantastic!
    I saw them 2 times playing live and they were awesome, really cool!
    I love also the new album Acoustic
    I really hope, they will play a new tour in 2012 and i will see as many shows as i can!
    Cheers Ralph
  • Love Amongst Ruin's new album

    15 Dec 2011, 01:31 by KiraKuran

    It had been a very long while since I had last discovered any new bands I liked, but Love Amongst Ruin is definitely the exception. I discovered them in September I think and as soon as I listened to their first album (Self titled) I knew I had found one of my new favorite bands. My favorite song from the first album is Alone, it's a beautiful song and I love the lyrics. Anyway, on Dec. 5 they released their Acoustic album and I really really liked it. I'm not a big fan of acoustic albums or anything but with this album Love Amongst Ruin proved once more that they are the exception. It's a lovely album with some really cool and different versions of their songs and I think everyone should check it out. My favorite song was Heaven and Hell but the whole album is really awesome. Love Amongst Ruin
  • The new love amongst ruin album

    13 Dec 2011, 17:57 by Glosoli2468

    i bought last week the new album from love amongst ruin: acoustic and it was great! It contains the acoustic versions of the first album, i personally love acoustic's versions so i really was curious about them. I really LOVE it! I think my favourite song is so sade (fade) i always loved the song and i'm in love with the acoustic version too! It was also great ordering the material edition and getting a download right away, so i didn't have to wait for the CD to arrive here.. it was a really nice thing and now i can't wait to have the material copy in my hands :)

    http://www.last.fm/group/Love+amongst+ruinLove Amongst Ruin
  • Today I'm mostly counting the days....

    26 Nov 2011, 14:19 by SamPoetress

    ....counting the days till the release of the new Acoustic album by the awesome Love Amongst Ruin - out on 5 December and I can't wait!

    Meanwhile I'm killing the time by listening to the preview they've posted for street team members at http://loveamongstruin.fancorps.com and of course the delectable Bring Me Down (you don't) on soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/loveamongstruin/love-amongst-ruin-bring-me

    Judging by what I'm hearing this new album is going to be well worth buying.

    Love Amongst Ruin
  • Loved it!

    13 Jun 2011, 23:03 by zvezdaminx

    Tue 7 Jun – Love amongst ruin, Trail

    It was great to see LAR again, and in such good form as well. Their version of PiL's 'Rise' was amazing and the new song, Pop DC, has really whetted my appetite for the forthcoming EP.

    They're such a cracking live band, and are all such fab musicians. If you get the chance to see them, grab it!

    Love Amongst Ruin
  • What an amazing evening!

    12 Jun 2011, 20:43 by gothicsquirrel

    Tue 7 Jun – Love amongst ruin, Trail

    What an amazing evening! First up were Trail who set the evening off to a heavy rocking start. Then LYS from France, a band I’m rapidly falling in love with. And finally LAR took to the stage and it was clear from track one that they meant business. They opened with the blisteringly heavy ‘Blood and Earth’ followed by the more mellow sounds of ‘Alone’ and ‘Heaven & Hell’. The pace picked up again with an aggressive cover of ‘Rise’ from the forthcoming EP and they rocked right through to the closing track, ‘So Sad’. They came back for an encore featuring new track ‘Somebody Like You (Pop DC)’ - a punchy little number with riffs worthy of AC/DC. They finished with the ever so danceable ‘Home’ which had the whole house rocking and shouting for more. I first saw Love Amongst Ruin play live a little over a year ago and I was blown away then. But this gig took everything up to the next level - this is a band that is definitely going places, and I can’t wait for that EP!
  • My music roots

    9 Jan 2011, 23:00 by GenLoFi

    my roots in music were Placibo
    since they felt apart in 2007 ,they aren't Placebo to me anymore i definetally didn't like they new drummer
    I wish Steve Hewitt all luck of the world and success with his band
    well maybe that pisses brian molko off,hopefully
    [Love Amongst Ruin
  • LOVE AMONGST RUIN – Love Amongst Ruin

    9 Oct 2010, 08:11 by JBelgardio

    Die Band Love Amongst Ruin ist das, was man bei TV-Serien ein Spin-Off nennt. Bandgründer Steve Hewitt trommelte von 1996 bis 2007 nämlich bei Placebo und war auch maßgeblich beim Songwriting involviert. Offenbar reichte das dem guten Mann irgendwann nicht mehr und er zog in die Welt hinaus, um seine Rock ‚n’ Roll-Ader in einer eigenen Formation ausleben und endlich auch mal singen zu können. Jetzt, 2010, ist es soweit und wir dürfen seinen musikalischen Ergüssen frönen.


    Da an der Stelle, wo sonst der Albumtitel zu finden steht, die CD-Hülle gänzlich kahl ist, nehme ich einfach mal an, es handelt sich um ein gleichnamiges Album. Um es gleich vorweg zu nehmen: das Rad hat Hewitt sicherlich nicht neu erfunden, Love Amongst Ruin klingen so wie eine ganze Reihe anderer Kapellen. Trotzdem ist ihr Debut durchaus grundsolide zu bezeichnen. Eigentlich gar nicht mal übel. …
  • Love Amongst Ruin - gig review

    12 Jun 2010, 10:11 by gothicsquirrel

    Wed 9 Jun – Love Amongst Ruin
    Love Amongst Ruin

    Wow! Just, wow… I’m kind of lost for words to describe Love Amongst Ruin’s performance. From the opening number of ‘Blood and Earth’ they simply owned the stage, pouring out passion, energy and good solid rock. They’ve been described as “one of the most explosive live bands to come in 2010” - and deservedly so. By the final song, forthcoming single ‘So Sad (Fade)’, the whole house was rocking, and the crowd screaming for more. The album Love Amongst Ruin is out on 6 September and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.
  • Love Amongst Ruin at the Barfly

    15 May 2010, 21:42 by gothicsquirrel

    Tue 11 May – Love Amongst Ruin - debut U.K. show

    Well, what can I say? It was a beautiful night shared with Love Amongst Ruin at their debut UK gig in the intimate surroundings of Camden Barfly. There was an initial sense of not knowing what to expect as Steve Hewitt traded his usual drumming role to take centre stage on vocals. But from the moment they opened with the blistering ‘Blood and Earth’ it was clear they meant business. With some songs featuring 3 guitars the vibe was deliciously heavy, interspersed with some more mellow tracks which allowed the audience to catch their breath. The closing tracks of forthcoming single ‘So Sad’ and ‘Home’ had the whole house rocking, and the crowd screaming for more. The band’s next gig is at Scala, London on 9 June - I can‘t wait!

    Love Amongst Ruin