• Top Ten 2006 (Hiphop)

    26 Dec 2006, 23:36 by simplexion

    My top ten hiphop album, considering I pretty much only listen to hiphop it's more like my top ten albums, of the year. This list is pretty much based on how much I listened to the albums, whether every track has been listened to consistantly and how long it has stayed in my musical repertoire.

    10. Pigeon John 'And the Summertime Pool Party'
    I just love this guy, he gets me amped. He is absolutely nuts and definitely has ADD or some other mental disorder that causes him to jump around like a psycho. Pigeon has so much energy and is very fun. This album is full of great fun tracks that I believe if marketed really well could become fairly popular. I can see teeny boppers getting down to tracks like 'Money Back Guarantee'.

    9. Rhymefest 'Blue Collar'
    This album didn't really bring anything fantastic in the way of lyrics. Some beats were slightly off but mostly this album felt really good to me. A fun track called 'Fever' early on, really gets you moving, the beat just makes me want to jump around. …
  • Louis Logic back at 'cha

    29 Jun 2006, 08:39 by greggant

    louis logic generally is on the tip of my tongue when asked who my favorite artist is, too many to pick but if I had to bite one person's style it'd probably Louis. Sin-A-Matic is what I'd call classic shit. I've probably pushed Idiot Gear on more people than any other song ever and used it to explain the good things in hip hop to people, so with all that said, I finally marched into Best Buy to pick up Louis Logic & J.J. Brown's Misery Loves Comedy. (Which incidentally isn't in Last.fm's catalog).

    It seemed like a small victory to see an artist I touted everywhere as putting down a classic getting a deal on Fat Beats. I read a few reviews mentioning it was decent but several steps shy of Sin-A-Matic (which struck me as ironic as many of the places never reviewed Sin-A-matic). The big hold up was just the mediocrity of the beats by J.J. Brown... Say what!? J seriously put some heat behind Sin-A-Matic on songs like Street Smarts and Idiot Gear and also did work on Majik Most's Chicks Don't Mind. …