• Street Hassle - Opinion Withdrawl

    12 Jun 2007, 10:32 by mk_qp

    Ok, I was wrong. Street Hassle - I completely slated when I first heard it. What can I say, I couldn't get over Lou's apathetic singing, the repetitive nature of the lyrics and music, and the disgusting mix.

    Then I woke up one night with Lou whispering in my ear, 'Hey cunt, you're missing the point'

    Everything about the record is genius - no other album in the history of rock and roll sums up the mood of a musician. Lou was a filthy and disgusting person in 1978. When he sang 'you're a pig of a person' with 'no morality' on Dirt, he's singing about him-fucking-self. DIRT, DIRT, YOU'RE JUST DIRT, who'll eat shit if there's something to be gained.

    The title track is poetry and contained his best lyrics since the Velvet Underground days. For once he ditched the cheap rhyme and said what was on his mind. Who else but Lou could mix that music with such a flippant but still tender attitude to life. And SPRINGSTEEN is on there, for Christ's sake.